Computer Love: An Interview with Milosh

The Body Electric.

Milosh’s fourth album, Jetlag, is an exploration of intimacy. He talks about his songwriting and the journey he has taken making electronic music.

” I’m really trying to personally fight this major label mentality; this commercial ‘let’s just market a product’ approach by getting writers involved and their two cents in because they want it to be a commercial success. I find that whole thing gross.”

Product Of Industry: Mark E Interview

Stone Breaker.

Mark E talks about his new record, Product of Industry, and why he wanted to capture the often-overlooked soul & spirit of Birmingham.

“The music itself is where I am today, it wasn’t produced to try and symbolize this theme, the repetition, grinding pushing nature of the music I make happens to depict the theme quite well, the name and ethos suited this title, or vice versa.”

Bending Binaries: Planningtorock Interview

All Love’s Legal.

Andrew Darley talks to musician Jam Rostron of Planningtorock about what it means to unlearn ideas about gender, and how music can help people do that.

“Music is the most magical language we have. Everyone can like music and you don’t need a degree to make it. It’s a people’s language.”

Her Own Way: An Interview with Lisa Stansfield

Her Own Way.

Lisa Stansfield talks about new album Seven, the politics of appearing naked in videos and how social media has changed the industry for the performer.

“There are two different sides to music now: there’s the big TV corporate thing and then there’s the side where artists have had the bollocks to actually do what they want themselves. I think it’s so admirable when people do that and twenty years later it’s given me the chance to do it that way too.”

LGBT History Month : Leee John and Black British Music

Just Imagine.

Leee John talks about his documentary on Black British Music, Flashback, and recalls the heydays of Imagination.

Heavenly Creatures: An Interview with Intimatchine

I’ll Eat You Last.

Intimatchine talk to Andrew Darley about how they want their music to make listeners somewhat uncomfortable, and their EP I’ll Eat You Last.

“We are particularly interested in themes of androgyny, pandrogyny, and cross-gender identity as part of our creative content and process. There is an aesthetic and feeling that go with tapping into one another’s social construct.”

LGBT History Month: Stokeley Interview

Pictures from the Sky.

Stokeley talks about his musical influences, his record label and being an out musician.

“Aspects of my sexuality certainly have motivating affects on me, but whether you could call it influence I’m not sure – thus far, at least. It definitely informs what I do, and how and why I do it that way.”

No Holds Barred: An Interview with Xiu Xiu

Angel Guts: Red Classroom.

Xiu Xiu’s frontman Jamie Stewart about his relationship to music, being a queer artist and how he sees the future of the band.

“I always felt pretty unwaveringly and confidently bisexual. Fortunately I grew up in a big city so there wasn’t a cultural bias towards me, to a degree.”

Armistead Maupin: In Conversation

Tales of the City.

Armistead Maupin talks about The Days of Anna Madrigal, the last Tales of the City novel, his Republican beginnings and his plans for life after Tales.

“Anna Madrigal is a good person by the time we meet her at the beginning of Tales, and I had to go back and find out what it was that created this person, that created the possibility of this person. And darkness was required.”

The Irrepressibles – An Interview with Jamie McDermott

The Nude EP Trilogy.

Jamie McDermott talks about his musical influences, playing live in Russia, and YouTube slapping an inappropriate age restriction on one of their videos.

“I made this video because there are kids out there who kill themselves for being gay and I wanted to make something that would communicate directly to those kids and tell them ‘it’s ok to love’.”