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This Book Will Change Your Life

Far From The Tree.

The winner of this year’s Green Carnation Prize was Andrew Solomon’s Far From The Tree, a book that is so powerful it could change your life.

“In exploring categories of physical difference, and conditions that do not reflect the unforgiving mainstream, Solomon makes familiar that which is different.”

Green Carnation Prize Longlist 2013

Diverse and Literary.

The Green Carnation Prize longlist for 2013 is a diverse and literary one, writes Christopher Bryant, Polari’s editor and one of this year’s judges.

“The longlist for the Green Carnation Prize is announced today, 1 October 2013. It is a challenging, diverse and decidedly literary selection.”

An interview with Jonathan Kemp

An in-depth conversation with Jonathan Kemp about his novel London Triptych.

Polari Magazine talks writing, Oscar Wilde and pornography with Jonathan Kemp on the eve of the publication of London Triptych, his debut novel.

It was very important to me that it was if not sexy then at least sexual. And sexual in a very different way, one that wasn’t necessarily pornographic.