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Eyes & Skies • Lee Baxter

A Galley of Lee Baxter Photography.

A gallery of landscapes and portraits from the Manchester based photographer Lee Baxter.

“His portraits are conversely intimate, connecting with his subjects directly through their gaze into his lens. Sometimes these two worlds collide when Baxter shoots his subjects in barren wildernesses.”

Bar Wotever’s Wotever Sex – Punx

Sex Education for the Already Perverted!

Bar Wotever’s Hot August Fringe extravaganza, with Michael Twaits, Sandy Foster, Nathan Dean Williams and Eric Kuhlmann.

Everybody Hates Madonna

The Sentencing of Madonna.

It seems these days that everybody hates Madonna, writes Little Bastard. But do the critics reveal more about their assumptions and prejudices than they do about her?

“It’s an artist’s raison d’être to challenge the political landscape and this has always been a part of Madonna’s work. As her platform gets bigger and the world slowly gets closer to hell in its hand basket, Madonna’s shows have become more intensely political.”

What is Polari All About?

Vada that omee ajax

The Editor writes all about the word Polari, and explains why the magazine is called Polari.

“As a form of slang, it developed as the times required. It made its way into the music halls, where it was picked up by actors, and found its way across the English Channel to the London gay scene.”

Dexter Talks Celebrity Head

Sights and Fragrances!

Polari catches up with Dexter Clark as he winds down his Olympian lecture tour.

“Oscar Pistorius (sporty flick) wanted to come in but unfortunately I had to say no, we’ve just had a new parquet floor fitted and I do hate scratches.”

The Weekly Polari Publishing Schedule

Looking Back While Looking Forward.

Polari Magazine introduces a new weekly publishing schedule, and the editor writes about the reasons why, and the driving ideas behind it.

“The word magazine is an Arabic term for storehouse. That’s what we are aiming toward.”

7 funniest WTF?! search terms this week

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Darren Hayes & superheroes!

“This is our favourite. Google translate reveals: Darren Hayes doll where to buy?.”

Heartbreaks And Earthquakes Mixtape • Charli XCX

Released June 11, 2012
Heartbreaks and Earthquakes has Charli XCX taking a chainsaw to the pop mainstream.

“The dark and dirty dubstep of opener ‘Champagne Coast’ is as if Charli is hiding behind PopStep starlet Delilah’s door with a chainsaw.”

iLL Manors • Plan B

Released July 23, 2012
The soundtrack to his feature film of the same name,, iLL Manors is his third studio album and is as startling and brutal as his debut album.

“The album is an opus, where each song is vital and none is more important or better than another, delivered with his usual lyrical recklessness.”

Competition • North Sea Texas

Win Peccadillo Pictures’ North Sea Texas on DVD

Who wrote the book, that North Sea Texas was adapted from?