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DVA • Emika

Released June 10, 2013
Emika releases her sophmore album DVA.

“The tone is very firmly, but also somewhat misleadingly, established by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s appearance on the brief introduction track ‘Hush’ also featuring an operatic vocal by Michaela Srumova…”

Clementine Announces: In The Life

Clementine Announces: In The Life!

Clementine in an important Glamour Newsflash announce the new and hilarious play In The Life, presented by Polari Magazine.

Surviving Mommie Dearest – Christina Crawford

A Hollywood Ghost.

Andi Fraggs talks to Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of Joan Crawford, about her show Surviving Mommie Dearest.

“Forgiveness is a two-way street. The wrong-doer must ask for forgiveness, indicating they understand their behavior. She never did.”

Partygoing • Future Bible Heroes

Released June 10, 2013
Future Bible Heroes release their third studio album after an eleven year hiatus.

“Lyrically, themes of old (or the old), remain; ageing, unrequited love, loneliness, drug and drink reliance and keeping children in comas (for their own safety of course).”

A Cooler Climate Up North

A Cooler Climate Up North…

Scottie visits his beau in the North but circumstances make it less than a satisfactory visit.

“For almost the entire day, both of us acted like we would’ve preferred to have been in bed, but for nothing more, other than to sleep for the afternoon.”

Is This Desire? • PJ Harvey

Released September 28, 1998
PJ Harvey’s fourth studio album stands as a peak in a remarkable career.

“The album that emerged marked a conscious effort to focus on story in her work and also marked the first time Polly was confident enough to publish her lyrics in the album’s booklet.”

After Dark 2 • Various Artists

Released May 17, 2013
Italians Do It Better’s compilation After Dark 2 is a strong and welcome follow up to their 2007 predecessor.

“For a compilation as expansive as this, there are big moments that will make you smile, dance carelessly to on your own, and even have sex to.”

When Love Came To Town

When love comes to town…

Scottie’s cross-border beau drops into Dublin for a surprise date.

“The evening Sun was now just right to give you a warm kiss, which is exactly what I got off my date when we met up.”

Understanding Body Image: Interview with Bodywhys

Understanding Body Image

Polari talks to Harriet Parsons of Bodywhys a national organisation that supports people affected by eating disorders and discusses whether ‘healthy lifestyle’ messages being delivered in the wrong way.

“When you really think about how central our perception of our physical selves is to how we interact with the world, we can understand why it is such an important part of our identities.”