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Walter’s Top 5 Slashers: #1 Halloween

Cert: 18 • US: 84 min • United Film Distribution • November 18, 1983

Halloween is THE slasher film. It is suspenseful, and full of horror rather than gore.

“Using odd angle shots and dark lighting, Carpenter created a truly haunting atmosphere not seen since the days of Alfred Hitchcock. The truly frightening parts of the film aren’t those that necessarily involve the killings, but those parts which focus on the cold way in which Michael stalks his victims.”

The Golden Clementine Awards

Clementine on Ray Harryhausen.

Clementine Announces the Golden Clementine Awards and a 3-day Ray Harryhausen celebration at Norwich Puppet Theatre, Friday 8 November, 2013.

Finding The Words: An Interview with Agnes Obel

Words Are Dead.

Agnes Obel talks about singing songs of private emotion in public, and how she always talks music with Dublin’s taxi drivers.

“It’s a beautiful experience to make something and then somebody else sees something in it that you didn’t see and makes it his or her own. I also like the idea of people doing covers of my music and see the songs grow on their own.”

Exclusive: Quicksilver Album Stream

The Masquerade Macabre.

A Polari Magazine exclusive, Marcus Reeves’ album Quicksilver streamed before its release on November 5 .

“This collection of thirteen songs makes up a concept album that Marcus describes as ‘a sonic threesome between Aladdin Sane, Hedwig and The Phantom of the Opera’. “

Walter’s Top 5 Slashers: #2 Sleepaway Camp

Cert: 18 • US: 84 min • United Film Distribution • November 18, 1983

Sleepaway Camp is a grainy, realistic slasher movie with strong dialogue and understated, believable gore.

Sleepaway Camp remains a legendary film amongst slasher buffs for its gory effects, grainy film style, haunting soundtrack, and one of the most surprising endings in the genre. “

Deptford Goth Live in Dublin

50 min • Unitarian Church, Dublin • October 18, 2013

A laid-back stage presence and sparse arrangements made for a mesmerising performance from Deptford Goth.

“The concert is a perfect was to spend the blustery Autumn evening; the heartfelt pitch of the cello, Daniel’s tender vocals and the glistening electronics spreads a warmth amongst his audience.”

Move In Spectrums • Au Revoir Simone

Released September 23, 2013
Au Revoir Simone, on their fourth album Move in Spectrums, remain dark, mysterious and a little self-indulgent.

“Every album has been more interesting than the last and this is their most cohesive in many ways and certainly the most assertive, a much needed attribute that the band required to move forward and to avoid the sometimes all to appropriate ‘nice’ tag.”

Walter’s Top 5 Slashers: #3 Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Cert: 18 • US: 120 min • Bryanston Pictures • 1974

Tobe Hooper’s stark, gritty vision remains a landmark amongst slasher films, establishing many trademarks of the genre.

“Sitting through the film, you think you’ve just witnessed a blood bath, but in reality, there is very little on-screen gore. Hooper used atmosphere to create the illusion of blood.”

Can You Feel My Heart • Bring Me The Horizon

Released October 4, 2013
Can You Feel My Heart is metal that’s melodic and incorporates electronic elements a go-go.

“‘Can You Feel My Heart’ is one of my favourite songs of this year, and everything about this package is perfect, from the beautiful artwork to the cleverly chosen remixes and creepy cinematic gore of its music video.”

The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 • Justin Timberlake

Released September 27, 2013
After the thrill of The 20/20 Experience Part 1, Part 2 is disappointing, and lacks the punch of its predecessor.

The 20/20 Experience is the best record of Justin’s career to date, and in comparison its counterpart feels like an album of commercial off-cuts, lending weight to the rumours that it is the result of a contractual obligation.”