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Released October 6, 2013
The third album by NYPC is by some distance their most accomplished, musical and exciting to date.

“The NYPC sound is one of artists finally snapping together the crucial matching and previously lost parts to form a new, perfect whole. Streamlined, efficient and pleasure seeking, it’s a beautiful and intelligent thing.”

Children of Fate

In The Shadow of Pinochet.

Andrew Darley talks to Julia Tarnoky about playing gender neutral in Juan Radrigán’s play Children of Fate.

“It is certainly exciting and part of the challenge is to realize and portray an unconventional character’s traits and aspects conventionally so that they can be translated to a live audience, and vice versa to realize a conventional character. It is about making the ordinary, extraordinary and the extraordinary, ordinary.”

Walter’s Top 5 Slashers: #4 Scream

Cert: 18 • US: 111 min • Dimension Films • 1996

Scream remains a landmark in the history of American gore. It revitalized a horror genre that the public thought was dead and buried.

“Working in a post-1980’s atmosphere, Craven knew that the traditional-style slasher film had been done to death. After strings of sequels and direct-to-video releases, the American public was bored and the slasher genre looked to be a thing of the past.”

Flashback: The Very Best of Imagination • Imagination

Released October 7, 2013
Flashback is a look back at a brief yet impressive contribution to black British music by one it’s most flamboyant groups, Imagination.

Iif you’re a fan of a bass driven seductive funk with heavenly falsetto vocals then this is worth the listen. A fine slice of early ’80s Brit Funk at its most fabulous.”

Bangerz • Miley Cyrus

Released October 7, 2013
Bangerz is the highly enjoyable but flawed soundtrack to the rebirth of the post-Disney Miley Cyrus.

“Cyrus can really sing, passionately and with humour and drama when required (or she feels like it). She is extremely present throughout.”

Against All Odds • A World Apart

Released September 6, 2013
Against All Odds is a contemporary wall of sound, mixing melodic vocals with strains of the hardest and heaviest metal.

“This demo is a strong introduction to A World Apart. The band stands above the rest of the sludge of contemporary sounding metal and manages to make the mix of melody and aggression work.”

The Open Road

October 16, 2013

David Shenton hits the open road, with a cardboard cutout of Dale Winton in tow. Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

Equal Hoosiers on the Street: A Rallying Cry Against Indiana House Joint Resolution 6

Equal Marriage Rights.

Walter Beck takes a stand for equal marriage on National Coming Out Day. And he gets the crowds fired up.

“I gathered three of my flags – my Rainbow flag, my Bisexual flag, and my Trans* flag. The Trans* Colors were the only ones that hadn’t seen the street, so I thought it was time they were baptized in the sacred concrete of the picket line.”

Not Just An Illusion: An Interview with Leee John

Body Talk.

David Robson interviews Leee John about his many years in the music industry as he talks Soul, Spandex and Sinitta.

“Sinitta never had the Diva voice. She could blend well and yes she can sing but, visually on stage she was so sexy and she’d just work it. We all had such laughs.”

One of the Last Originals: An Interview with Genesis P-Orridge

Talking To A Real Elder.

Genesis P-Orridge talks about the creation of industrial music, William S. Burroughs, and the photographic biography Genesis P-Orridge.

“Burroughs showed Genesis his notebooks and cut-ups. And then proceeded to tell Genesis h/er mission in life: ‘Your job, Gen, is how to short-circuit control’.”