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Walter’s Top 5 Slashers: #5 Silent Night, Deadly Night

Cert: 18 • US: 79 min • TriStar Pictures • 1984

Silent Night, Deadly Night is a slasher flick in which the killer has a real backstory.

“Knowing the trauma that has soaked most of his life, we empathise with him. Do we justify his violent rampage? Not at all, but we do understand why he has become what he is.”

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

Cert: U • US: 90 min • Amnesia Productions • April 18 2013

A deft insight into the life and work of one of the twentieth century’s great public intellectuals.

“The film works to remind us what a remarkable figure Gore Vidal was and vividly illustrates how rare such liberal voices are, not only in American politics but anywhere.”

Head Up High • Morcheeba

Released September 15, 2013
Head Up High features some of Morcheeba’s best work. Think about the new not the nostalgia.

“‘Opening track and lead single ‘Gimme Your Love’ is, hands down, the best thing they have ever released. Yes, better than ‘Trigger Hippy’. Yes, better than ‘Part Of The Process’. “

Electric Lady • Janelle Monae

Released September 6, 2013
A daring fusion of nu funk/soul and sci-fi. Janelle Monae’s Metropolis is as much about robots as Animal Farm was about animals.

“‘This is not your run of the mill pop album – in fact it’s not really a pop album at all – it’s an alt-jazz-soul-sci fi experience that is best listened to as a whole rather than dipping in and out of when a quick pop fix is required.”

Interiors • Glasser

Released October 4, 2013
Interiors sees Glasser interpreting human experiences with man-made environments and channelling them into predominately man-made music.

“Glasser has made an album that positions her among the more experimental art pop genre of electronic artists such as Julia Holter and Laurel Halo.”

Ali Cook’s Principles & Deceptions • Competition

Ali Cook

Win tickets to see magician and comedian Ali Cook on tour.

…Is On Holiday

October 9, 2013

David Shenton is on holiday, but his hold music will change your world. Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

Pulling Her Hair Back: An Interview with Jessy Lanza

Production Value.

Andrew Darley talks to Jessy Lanza about her love of music, and what it’s like for a woman to be a producer in a man’s world.

“The public can be sexist about what they consider women can do in music. It isn’t a huge surprise to me though, people see me and think “Oh you’re a musician, you must be a singer”. I’m always pretty quick to correct them..”

Exclusive: Chase reveals Magdalene Me on Polari

Angst and Raw Emotion.

Chase reveals new album artwork, debut single and track listing for Magdalene Me on Polari Magazine.

“If Lana del Rey had written ‘Video Games’ the morning after a drunken night with Frank Ocean and Trent Reznor, this would have been the result, a song full of soul distorted with neuroses.”

Aventine • Agnes Obel

Released September 30, 2013
Aventine is a beautiful, subtle and detailed album. It is a worthy successor to the double-platinum Philharmonics.

“It seems appropriate that Obel should choose an ancient word of ‘Aventine’ to represent this album. There is a timelessness and air of history to these songs, whilst remaining very much in the present. It reflects on both time past and wishes hope for the time to come through its lyrics, which feels both meditative and romantic. .”