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Forman Brown, Elsa Lanchester, and The Turnabout Theatre

A Better Angel.

Turnabout Theatre was a Hollywood hot spot of great importance to queer history. A. Loudermilk celebrates its founders, and its greatest star, Elsa Lanchester.

New Yorker described her as ‘a specialists’ specialist in the mischievous art of seemingly inadvertent comedy,” praising her for “taking her listeners out of a close, tidy world and into a disquieting place filled with sharp winds and unsteady laughter.'”

‘Bisi Alimi, You Inspire Me’ : Teri Gender Bender

Bisi Alimi, You Inspire Me

Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes writes about how Nigerian activist Bisi Alimi has been an inspiration to her mission to change the world.

“In Mexico, taxes don’t go to where they should go. They go into the pockets of the corrupt, therefore the country is surrounded in beautiful filth. It is a homophobic country where friends of mine had to hide their sexuality with the fear that they would be disowned by their family and fired from their jobs.”

Marcus Reeves: My LGBT Icons of Music

Gender Benders.

Marcus Reeves calls his roll of icons for LGBT History Month’s theme for 2014, Music.

God Save the Doomed: The Last Stand of the Religious Right in America

Seeking a Licence to Discriminate.

Walter Beck celebrates the striking down of a bill that would outlaw same-sex marriage, and he sees an end of days for the Religious Right.

“Various state legislatures decided they had to act. They had to do something to stop the bakers and the photographers from being the victims. So they started proposing bills to protect religious folk’s sacred right to discriminate against those they don’t like.”

Maggie & Martin: You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk

You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk.

Maggie & Martin celebrate LGBT History Month with Polari by sharing an exclusive cover version.

Little Red • Katy B

Released February 7, 2014
Katy B’s Little Red is a strong album. She expertly represents youth culture and its associated underground dance music trends.

“‘Next Thing’, the album’s terrific opener, hurls itself at you with its retro beat progression and, in particular, the staggered and broken synth-hook paying homage to Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ and the house music that prevailed at the time.”

L’inconnnu du lac (Stranger By The Lake)

Cert: 18 • France: 100 min • Les Films du Worso • February 21, 2014

Alain Guiraudie’s ‘L’Inconnnu du lac (Stranger By The Lake)’ is an elegant, provocative, genre-crossing film. It’s also eye-poppingly explicit.

Stranger By The Lake might have the feel of a particularly classy porn flick were in not for the diverse bodies it presents, and for the director’s careful attention to the nuances of all aspects of the men’s conduct and contact.”

Deep Desires & Broken Dreams

At Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios

Deep Desires & Broken Dreams is a week-long season of gay film, including premieres, previews, Q&As.

Too Erasure? by Graingerboy

Who Needs Love (Like That)?

‘Only suitable for the gay market’ or ‘not gay enough’? Simon Grainger aka Graingerboy writes about his experience of homophobia in the music industry.

“In a bizarre twist to the story, when the album was finally promoted, a particular gay radio station announced that they wouldn’t be supporting me as my music didn’t sound “gay enough”. By that point the whole situation became laughable.”

Graingerboy: I Love You (But I’ve Chosen Disco)

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2014 with an exclusive Graingerboy track.

Graingerboy celebrates LGBT History Month with Polari by sharing with us an exclusive remix of ‘I Love You (But I’ve Chosen Disco)’.