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The Irrepressibles – An Interview with Jamie McDermott

The Nude EP Trilogy.

Jamie McDermott talks about his musical influences, playing live in Russia, and YouTube slapping an inappropriate age restriction on one of their videos.

“I made this video because there are kids out there who kill themselves for being gay and I wanted to make something that would communicate directly to those kids and tell them ‘it’s ok to love’.”

Something Completely Inappropriate

February 12, 2014

To celebrate the opening and closing of the Winter Olympics, here’s something inappropriate. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

The Polysaturated Alternative.

Rosie Wilby talks about monogamy, and the ways in which we’re all polyamorous without necessarily knowing it.

“I’d always been led to believe that monogamy was the only optional, but there are options that don’t just involve having an affair. There are people who are polyamorous, people who have open relationships.”

Hannah Höch • Whitechapel Gallery


Whitechapel Gallery, London – E1 7QX • 15 January – 23 March 2014

The Whitechapel Gallery hosts a wide-ranging exhibition of Hannah Höch’s work that introduces us to subtler artist than has been seen before.

“The essence of her language of re-examination and re-addressing patriarchy is to dismantle the world through its populist manifestations and create something new with insightful sharpness, wit and an instinct for subversion.”

Chiarascuro • I Break Horses

Released January 21, 2014
Chiarascuro, the second album from I Break Horses, is one of extremes, but does the balance between light and dark work?

“I Break Horses is really about mood and the album title is a clue to the strong contrast between the two sides of the album. The light may be under represented but the point where the two collide can be dazzling.”

Fluffy or What?

February 5, 2014

Fluffy or What? What a good dollop of lube can do for you. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Joey Arias & Kristian Hoffman: Lightning Strikes

Greased Lightning.

Colin Ginks talks to Joey Arias and Kristian Hoffman about bringing the legend of Klaus Nomi to life once more. Polari Magazine celebrates music for LGBT History 2014.

“Punk was ‘hate everything’. Klaus said, ‘No, you can be this rebellious revolutionary or outsider, by creating the most beautiful noise ever heard in the world.’ “

Chase covers Against Me! for LGBT History Month

For Laura Jane Grace: LGBT History Month 2014.

Chase Garrett celebrates her trans hero for LGBT History Month in a cover of Black Me Out by Against Me!, recorded exclusively for Polari Magazine.

LGBT History Month: Billie Ray Martin

The One and Only BRM.

To start the Polari Magazine celebration of LGBT History Month 2014, John Preston talked to Billie Ray Martin about her upcoming single with trans artist Aerea Negrot..

“There will always be naysayers who want to block progress and equality, but there was a huge surge of positivity and change last year with gay marriage becoming ‘normal’ in many cities and countries. I do believe more good things will come.”