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Unrepentant Geraldines • Tori Amos

Released May 12, 2014
Unrepentant Geraldines sees Tori Amos return to the realm of pop. It is a rich mix of songs that are about being true to yourself, wherever that may take you.

“The musical palette she plays with is also as various as her subjects. From Americana, electronic music and her signature stripped piano-and-voice aesthetic, the record trips on many musical styles and represents her as an artist today, as well as her canon of work”


100 min • Above the Stag, London • Until June 14, 2014

Glenn Chandler’s adaptation of Angus Stewart’s cult novel, in which 19 year-old undergraduate David Rogers meets 13 year-old choirboy Antony Sandel.

“At heart this is very much a love story, not a morality tale, but serves as reminder that the law can never have the final word on the rights and wrongs of sexual relationships.”

Ghosts of Download • Blondie

Released May 12, 2014
A complicated answer is given to the question of why Blondie keep releasing new material some 35 years plus after their debut release.

“Blondie’s tenth and possibly last studio album continues their pattern of post eighties, hit and miss, occasionally brilliantly eccentric, scattershot songs with Debbie Harry’s nonchalant and still effortless presence overseeing proceedings.”

Blue Smoke • Dolly Parton

Released June 9, 2014
Blue Smoke is a splendid continuation of this formidable woman’s talent, grace, wit and candour. There is no better or more genuine preacher than Parton.

“Parton’s voice is on fine, solemn and heart-breaking form throughout and soars on the album’s closer ‘Try’ where our heroine seeks to motivate and empower those that have fallen on difficult times.”

Rough Trade

May 28, 2014

What does the middle class gay man want from his working class trade? Ask Forster and Wilde. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Poet to Poet: Walter Beck In Conversation with Stephen S. Mills

He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices

Walter Beck talks Sex, Booze, and Poetry to rising young poet Stephen S. Mills.

“A lot of mainstream gay rights groups like HRC aren’t very supportive of people who don’t play by the rules. I also think the focus on marriage has ignored a lot of other important issues like job discrimination.”

Nikki Nack • Tune-Yards

Released May 05, 2014
Tune-Yards have teamed up with producers John Hill and Malay. But how will this affect a truly eccentric and self-sufficient band’s identity?

“One of the continued aims of Tune-Yards has been to comment on social and left-leaning political issues with lyrics that are set against predominately upbeat and dense dance rhythms and beats that imply a celebratory mood.”

Europe Vision

May 21, 2014

Europe Vision. How to get votes in the European elections: be inspired by Conchita Wurst. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

The Last Tea Party

Reading the Tea Leaves.

How “Operation American Spring” Turned a Once Powerful Political Movement into the Laughing Stock of the Country.

“The Tea Party died because they made the fatal mistake of all hard-bent ideological political movements: they took their own paranoid gibberish too seriously and expected vast segments of the American public to go along with them.”

Out in the Open – IDAHO(T) 2014

IDAHOT 2014 – Coming out again.

VWalter Beck writes about having to come out again when he didn’t even realise it was necessary. Did they not notice the rainbow suspenders? .

“Neither one of them were offended or anything, they were just surprised that this six-foot tall long-haired dude in the black metal t-shirt, dirty flannel, and leather jacket was a queer, a half-cocksucker, a certified ten percenter..”