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White Sea: An Interview With Morgan Kibby

In Cold Blood.

Morgan Kibby, M83 collaborator, is the force behind White Sea. She talks about what it was like to write, record and produce her own album.

“If I hadn’t learned how to use ProTools my music would ultimately have been shaped by another producer instead of myself. I make beats, layer vocals, play with synth sounds and so my music is very much defined by my ability and flexibility with technology.”

The Feast Of The Broken Heart • Hercules & Love Affair

Released May 26, 2014
The Feast of the Broken Heart is Hercules and Love Affair’s most optimistic, euphoric and consistently engaging album to date.

“A record to dance to, from start to finish a non-stop movement and joy which is never dumb or repetitive. The Feast of the Broken Heart is a celebration of dance floor families, love and survival.”


June 11, 2014

All hail the wet English summer and the advent of Slugfest! Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Tom Spanbauer: In Conversation

Dangerous Writing.

Tom Spanbauer talks about how he uses confessional writing and graphic sex scenes on his search for truth.

“If my father could have owned slaves he would. He was a brutal man who beat me, you know? There’s still some part of me who’s trying to get that little boy out of that space of doom and fear and bring him back up to the light.”


120 min • Roundhouse, London • June 5, 2014

Prince wows in his London show, where he performed two concerts in one night. Nothing compares to his Purple Highness.

“As the indigo light covers the stage, it’s time to send us off singing into the night with a show-stealing performance of the timeless classic ‘Purple Rain’, which has every member of the audience holding hands and singing along like a faithful choir.”

Changing Light • Mirah

Released May 13, 2014
Changing Light continues to showcase Mirah’s supreme knack for writing songs that charm and bewitch, with glorious melodies.

“It’s unexpected, not cynical in the slightest and conveys Mirah’s constant refusal to be pigeonholed into one, tidy category. She is making music now that is put together with staggering precision and beauty.”

Do It Again • Röyksopp & Robyn

Released May 23, 2014
This exciting collaboration between Röyksopp & Robyn features five songs from very diverse spheres of electronic dance music.

“The songs on Do It Again have no agenda other than to be the most satisfyingly, forward-thinking songs they could possibly create together.”

Hirsute Pursuit

June 04, 2014

On the pursuit for the hirsute, and the problems that can lead to …. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Crossing The Thin Line: An Interview with Heather Peace

We Can Change.

Laura Macdougall talks to actress and musician Heather Peace about her new album, The Thin Line, and what it means to be an out musician and actor.

“The anthem is a gay anthem for me, but it’s an anthem for any minority really. We’re all trying to make the world a better place and then that terrible right wing tries to pull us all back.”

I AM Legend: An interview with Larry Tee

Super Electric Party Machine.

Larry Tee waxes lyrical about his quest for tomorrow’s sound, and what rock’n’roll is right now.

“I’ve had my biggest hits by doing things that I really shouldn’t do. In 1992, when I wrote ‘Supermodel’, it wasn’t the consensual wisdom that betting on a black transvestite would really make money. And it wasn’t something I did because I thought it would make a lot of money.”