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Catherine Hall: In Conversation

The Repercussions.

Catherine Hall talks to her about her fascination with writing about times of war, and how queer life is represented in contemporary fiction.

“When I was young, I’d have loved to have been able to look at someone in the public eye and know they were gay, and they’d achieved something. I think it’s important to stand up and be counted. “

Interview with Ron Peck

Ron Peck Retrospective at Queer Lisboa.

Ron Peck is a legend in this history of queer cinema. He talks at Queer Lisboa 18, which featured a retrospective of his work, about his diverse body of work.

“All the filmmakers who excited me were in one way or another pushing the medium, including someone like Kubrick, who today is seen as quite mainstream but 2001 was so unconventional in how it told its story and I’m not sure you could get a film like that made these days.”

My Little Ghost • Kidkanevil

Released May 9, 2014
Kidkanevil’s My Little Ghost is a detailed, bright and imaginative album. Often a gentle listen connecting his experimental idiosyncrasies and melodic talent.

“Its effect is enveloping and the emotion of the fragmented piano notes directs the emotion of its character in the foreign terrain.”

You And The Night (Les Rencontres d’Après Minuit)

Cert: 18 • France: 98 min • Sedna Films / Peccadillo Pictures • October 3, 2014

You And The Night follows a suave, young couple and their cross-dressing maid as they prepare themselves for a passionate orgy with strangers.

“Eric Cantona steals a lot of the film’s focus as the hunky philanderer whose youthful dream of becoming a poet was dashed once he discovered his enormous penis and those who subsequently adored it.”


70 min • The Paper Birds • October 6 – November 15 (various venues), 2014

Blind is a powerful exploration of how women are represented that hinges on an innovative use of sound – and beatboxing.

“In Blind, Savage investigates her relationship with the art form and uses it to demonstrate how sound can have a profound effect, not just on those growing up and how they think about themselves, but also relationships between the sexes and between generations.”

Eight Houses • She Keeps Bees

Released September 29, 2014
She Keeps Bees’ fourth album Eight Houses is a refined, meditative record that unfurls in front of you.

“Their airtight and soulful approach is a clear statement of who they are sonically and the strength of their songwriting.”

Before The Last Curtain Falls

Cert: tbc • Ger/Bel: 86 min • Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion • July 2, 2014

Before The Last Curtain Falls explores the lives of a troupe of elderly drag artists. It’s a beautifully made, tender tribute to the lives of others.

“What the film draws back the curtain on is exactly what is at stake for these human beings when it comes to living their somewhat difficult lives, negotiating changing and fluid social attitudes, and their own internalised homophobia.”

Into The Night: An Interview with Sleep Thieves

You Want the Night.

Sleep Thieves talk about how far they’ve come since their beginning, how they feel like a “new band” and what it means to them to make music.

“Whether you’re playing to 10 or 3,000 people, you should be singing as if you’re in front of the one most important person in your life.”