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Father EP • Stokeley

Released August 15, 2014
Stokeley’s Father EP features lush soundscapes studded with youthful melancholy. Rarely does ambient music portray the isolation and loneliness of young men.

“Rather than being the spearhead of change, this EP is the silent scream in your head that soundtracks your day to day life… especially as a gay man who doesn’t want to conform.”

We Need to Talk About Grindr by Dame Effie Sprinkle IV

Hook up … or not!

Dame Effie Sprinkle casts an eye over Grindr, the hook-up of app that makes it possible to put cruising at the centre of your life, whenever and wherever.

“While I suspect Grindr has caused gay men to have a lot more sex than ever before in history, for every successful hook-up, there will have been at least 10 failed ones.”

Meanwhile in an Edinburgh MiniMart

September 17, 2014

In which the cartoonist looks away from the Scottish referendum and toward an Edinburgh minimart. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Open Hearts: An Interview with Bright Light Bright Light

More Than Most

Bright Light Bright Light talks to Polari as he embarks on a tour of America’s west coast with Elton John, ahead of the release of his new single ‘An Open Heart’

“Nobody really wants to hear a tunnel vision perspective and I don’t really want to give one – love or relationships are not particularly tied to sexuality or age or gender or race or location.”

Apocalypse Now – Interview with Terry Gee


Terry Gee is the writer, star and brains behind daily science fiction YouTube show. He speaks about its inception and how he has brought the story to life.

“I wanted to show life in another few generations where sexuality was no longer an issue. We have same-sex marriage now and it is being legalised all over the West. In the next ten years it could be everywhere.”

Odd Shaped Balls

60 min • Etcetera Theatre, London • From September 18-20, 2014

Odd Shaped Balls is a one-man play which is based on Gareth Thomas’ coming out experience. An intelligent and dynamic performance.

“Odd Shaped Balls examines what it might be like for a professional sportsman, married , conventionally ‘masculine’ (in the Daily Mail’s sense of the word) to come out in the 21st Century, in the media spotlight, instant news and the ravenous hunger of social media.”

Let’s Get Quizzical

September 10, 2014

In which the cartoonist looks at the profuse internet “What type of – are you?” quiz. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Video Exclusive: Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot – Off The Rails directed by Makode Linde

Off The Rails Video Exclusive

Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot film a special version of ‘Off The Rails’ for Polari Magazine.

“In a riotous performance filmed exclusively for Polari the two tear up a railway- carriage in a possessed and arch demonstration of ruling divas-extraordinaire”

You Want The Night • Sleep Thieves

Released June 17, 2014
The debut album You Want The Night from Sleep Thieves show that they’ve grown in leaps and bounds, yet still hold the spirit of when they first emerged.

“Their song structures are more experimental and playful than before, whilst Sorcha comes into her own as a front-woman. She commands a dynamic in her voice that can be both sweet and sharp.”

Opus • Jane Badler

Released September 15, 2014
Opus spans a variety of styles, and Jane Badler’s voice is all the sultry sass and seduction. A beautiful, bittersweet and ethereal journey.

“One of the album’s highlights is ‘Losing You’, a beautiful, latin mid-tempo ballad exploring betrayal and redemption with a sultry cabaret feel. There is something magically ethereal about Jane’s vocal that lends something special to this track and the accompanying video is nothing short of spectacular.”