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Testimonies: X-Men

X Possibilities

Two testimonies by gay men who grew up reading the X-Men give a taste of the breadth of resonances that the mutants of X-Men have had in real gay lives.

“Their very personal identifications with characters, one male and one very gender-fluid, give just a taste of the breadth of resonances that the mutants of X-Men have had in real gay lives.”

Queer X: The Queer History of the X-Men

Subversive Mutants.

Does science fiction have the power to infiltrate the mass consciousness with socially progressive ideas that can ultimately change a person’s worldview?

“The allegorical power of the series over the decades has probably done more to shape contemporary culture than placing a range of rather token gay characters ever could, and this alone should justify X-Men’s place within queer history.”


100 min • Above the Stag, London • Until June 14, 2014

Glenn Chandler’s adaptation of Angus Stewart’s cult novel, in which 19 year-old undergraduate David Rogers meets 13 year-old choirboy Antony Sandel.

“At heart this is very much a love story, not a morality tale, but serves as reminder that the law can never have the final word on the rights and wrongs of sexual relationships.”

LGBT History Month : Leee John and Black British Music

Just Imagine.

Leee John talks about his documentary on Black British Music, Flashback, and recalls the heydays of Imagination.

Drag Terrorist, Christeene • An Interview

Express Yourself.

Drag Terrorist Christeene talks about how we should all stop trying to be pretty for other people and really learn to express ourselves.

“She just wants to wake you up, loosen you up, and help you to have a reeeeall good time y’all. Who are you to say no?”

She’s Coming…

She’s Coming…

Polari Magazine interviewed the incomparable Christeene during her visit to London last week… and here is a teaser of what’s to come.

“Don’t apologise for anything anymore about being your own faggoty self…”

Once Upon A Time • Donna Summer

Released on October 31, 1977

This 4 act concept album is a rarity in disco music.

“It’s solidly a concept album, arguably the first disco opera or song-cycle, and a black urban update of the Cinderella story for the disco.”

Alp Haydar: Narcissus in Videoland

Alp Haydar: Narcissus in Videoland

Alex Jeffrey meets Alp Haydar and talks his suicide belt, his butt, and Mommie Dearest.

I’ll flash a bit of arse too. Why not? Perhaps some of the audience will leave happier because they saw a great arse.

Alp Haydar Video Interview

Alp Haydar: Video interview

The marvellous Alp Haydar talks about stripping off on stage, as long as he’s wearing his “suicide belt”.

“It’s really important for me that people are leaving happier than they were when they walked in.”