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Tearing Up Their Map: An Interview with Lamb

Tearing Up Their Map: Interview with Lamb

Polari speaks with Lou Rhodes of the long-standing band Lamb about their rebirth, space and their ability to change their own path..

“For me, although the use of outer space imagery is important, the real emphasis is on the idea of space as an expanse or spaciousness in the music and lyrics. Literally the space between words and notes.”

Future Islands • Gig

November 2, 2014
Future Islands are a juggernaut of a band who exceed expectation with a performance that is built on the foundations of several years hard graft.

“Samuel T. Herring’s stamina and vocal backflips cuts through the plethora of indie bands who fail to grasp the concept of performance and showmanship.”

Jaime Nanci And The Blueboys: ‘Toy’ Talk

Jaime Nanci: ‘Toy’ Talk.

Jaime of Jaime Nanci & the Blueboys gives Polari a track by track breakdown of new album Toy.

“I think it’s quite baroque in its melodrama. We played a show at this underground Vaudeville type club that descended into bedlam and debauchery. It really felt like travelling back in time to a liquor soaked opium-scented madhouse.”

Introducing: Scale Model

Introducing: Scale Model

Tennessee based Scale Model talk about their latest album Star which is born out of a love of new wave and synth pop music.

“Sometimes it does seem like the system is rigged against normal adults who want to be successful at playing music at least on a part-time level.”

My Brightest Diamond • Gig

October 31, 2014
On All Hallow’s Eve, My Brightest Diamond took to the stage to perform a befittingly bewitching set.

“Shara Worden stood back from her own music to reflect on how people historically communicated through sound before there was language.”

No Stone Unturned: An Interview with Nils Bech

No Stone Unturned: Interview with Nils Bech

Nils Bech brutally scrutinises the first year of his new relationship in his third album album One Year.

” If you can be turned on by women, why the hell do you want to be with me? And that says a lot about how strongly I felt about being gay.”

Gravity Of Emotion: An Interview with She Keeps Bees

Gravity of Emotion: Interview with She Keeps Bees

She Keeps Bees have carved out their own blues rock since first joining creative forces and have potentially made their most realised and direct record so far, Eight Houses.

“It is important for me to be aware of the waves of inspiration. It is all the rhythm of your own personal creative flow.”

Boy Meets Girl

Cert: 18 • USA: 95 min • Independent • 2014

Fringe! Film Fest picture Boy Meets Girl is a different take on the traditional rom-com genre with authentic and strong characters.

“For viewers belonging or familiar with queer culture, some of the issues this film touches on may be not ground-breaking, but for others unfamiliar, they could be enlightening”

My Little Ghost • Kidkanevil

Released May 9, 2014
Kidkanevil’s My Little Ghost is a detailed, bright and imaginative album. Often a gentle listen connecting his experimental idiosyncrasies and melodic talent.

“Its effect is enveloping and the emotion of the fragmented piano notes directs the emotion of its character in the foreign terrain.”

You And The Night (Les Rencontres d’Après Minuit)

Cert: 18 • France: 98 min • Sedna Films / Peccadillo Pictures • October 3, 2014

You And The Night follows a suave, young couple and their cross-dressing maid as they prepare themselves for a passionate orgy with strangers.

“Eric Cantona steals a lot of the film’s focus as the hunky philanderer whose youthful dream of becoming a poet was dashed once he discovered his enormous penis and those who subsequently adored it.”