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Apocalypse Now – Interview with Terry Gee


Terry Gee is the writer, star and brains behind daily science fiction YouTube show. He speaks about its inception and how he has brought the story to life.

“I wanted to show life in another few generations where sexuality was no longer an issue. We have same-sex marriage now and it is being legalised all over the West. In the next ten years it could be everywhere.”

Every Line Has Two Sides: An Interview with Ed Firth

Polari’s August Bona-nza: Men With Beards.

Illustrative artist Ed Firth talks about zines, facial hair, and the joy of connecting directly with the people through his work.

“I feel there is something Totemic about them and having a sense of presence, an imposing presence. In the exhibition a lot of them were positioned quite high up and looking down on the viewer.”

Ripe • Banderas

Released April, 1991
Ripe, the one and only album by Banderas, was one of best queer albums of the 1990s. Beautifully composed, profoundly perceptive and deeply affecting.

“Strong melodies are a characteristic of all the songs. When coupled with the keenly perceptive lyrics the tracks are highly memorable. Musically, the album keeps the listener engaged, shifting its colours and tones effortlessly from danceable pop songs to heartfelt ballads.”

London Pride 2013

London Pride 2013.

A gallery of images from Pride 2013 hosted by Pride in London on Saturday, June 29.

Polari Magazine was there to document the LGBT+ community as they took to the streets to take part in the march, which is at the heart of any Pride event.”

Fringe! In Their Room, London Competition

Win tickets to see the World Premiere of Travis Mathews’ film In Their Room, London.

Saturday April 13, Fringe! Film Fest 2013.

Fringe! Hot Tickets

Picks for 2013.

Pick of Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest 2013: Satan’s Angel, deepsouth, Let My People Go!

Emily Capell: Who Killed Smiley Culture

From the Smiths to Britpop.

Musician Emily Capell talks about her early influences, cheesy ’80s pop and a song that lead to a series of appearances on the gay cabaret scene.

“Yeah. I write about what I know … what I do. You won’t believe the amount of people that actually ask me, ‘Is your dad really a Smiths fan?’… of course he is! Can you imagine if he wasn’t … ‘no, he really likes Take That’.”


Cert:15 • US: 89 min • Hubbhobb • March 11, 2013 [DVD]

With a witty script, and a fine ensemble cast, Gayby is an engaging and heartwarming comedy.

“Gayby, which began life as a short film, plays like an extremely well crafted sitcom episode, but never feels like a single idea that has been stretched beyond its limit. The supporting (yet often unsupportive) cast of characters form a memorable ensemble.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 26

Jim Akers, by Bryon Fear.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“My preconceptions about HIV, formed out of the terrorizing poster campaigns in the ‘80s, were shattered. Jim’s blog gave HIV a human face and not only for me.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 24

Hans Christian Andersen, by Bryon Fear.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“Hans Christian Andersen’s legacy is very much defined by his life as an ‘other’. He took the tradition of folk tales and elevated them into literature that has inspired a wealth of art, theatre, ballet and many many films, one of which saved the Disney empire from bankruptcy.”