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Discovering Big Joy: The Spiritual Legacy of James Broughton

Find Your Weird.

James Broughton was a pioneer of experimental film as well as poetry. The wonderful documentary Big Joy celebrates the legacy of this true revolutionary.

“Like Armistead Maupin says in the film, Broughton knew how to get to the serious through the silly. I think that’s an amazing talent that only an idealist can have.”

Age of Consent: An Interview with Charles Lum

Queer Words.

Age of Consent tells the story of London sex club The Hoist. Director Charles Lum talks about how the it grew into a wide-ranging piece of queer social history.

“I have to say that if you’re gonna talk on and on about history it gets a little dry, so you have to add a little spice to that to grease the hard facts with a little liquid enjoyment!”

Precious: Jane Hilton Interview

Precious Women.

Photographer Jane Hilton talks to Polari Magazine about her book and exhibition Precious, a candid look at the lives of working girls in Nevada.

“I thought that a still photo would iconize them in a way and show that they’re not just hookers. That’s what I really wanted to show and that’s why they don’t have clothes on. I was doing portraits of some amazing women who have been through some really awful hard times and survived.”

Interview: The Perfect Union

Maggie and Martin.

In this exclusive interview, Maggie and Martin talk to Polari about their album Union, and how their collaboration grew from having fun writing music together into a fully realised project.

“The Maggie and Martin album Union was released in May. The collaboration started when the author Clayton Littlewood introduced the two.”

Quality Life Fitness • Phil Evelyn

Talking About Realistic Expectations.

An interview with Phil Evelyn from Quality Life Fitness about taking an approach to fitness that results in tangible and sustainable benefits.

“Maybe you can’t live without cup cakes so change something else to compensate, run longer, do an extra set when you workout. This is about people’s happiness not just about their fitness, although hopefully the latter helps with the former.”

Weekend: Andrew Haigh and Chris New


Polari talks to director Andrew Haigh, and actor Chris New, about Weekend.

“Because the story is about two people who are becoming very intimate with each other, it was important you feel the same way with them. So I always thought about it as almost like a foursome. It was me, Urszula who shot the film, and the two actors. We were having a relationship together.”

Steve Rosenthal: painting with Gaydar Profile pictures

An interview with Steve Rosenthal

Polari talks to artist Steve Rosenthal about his work with Gaydar profile pictures, and his series We do not have homosexuals like in your country. In our country we do not have this. In Iran this phenomenon does not exist. Interview by Christopher Bryant and Bryon Fear.

We are more able to represent ourselves as we wish, but if you go to one of the 7 countries that have the death penalty for homosexuality, or one of the 82 countries where it’s still illegal, that’s impossible.

Night of Hunters • Tori Amos

Released on September 19, 2011

Amos’ new album, a 21st century song cycle inspired by 400 years of classical music, is surprising and brilliant.

Amos’ adaptability as a musician makes this, her twelfth studio album, as distinctive as anything she has ever done. Original, inventive and brilliant.

Abnormally Attracted to Sin • Tori Amos

Released on May 18th, 2009

A wide-ranging album of diverse songs that explore the idea of what constitutes sin. Another remarkable outing from Tori Amos.

Abnormally Attracted to Sin is marked by songs that slowly build and gather a momentum to create a powerful, forceful statement. This is more of a noticeable trend than on any of Amos’ previous records. The soundscape she is creating is built around the message.