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Broke With Expensive Taste • Azealia Banks

Released November 6, 2014
Azealia Banks first official long play, is as daring as it is brilliant.

“The breadth and rush of the consistently surprising, eccentric but accessible tracks here is absolute proof that she knew what she was doing all along.”

Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery

Cert: 15 • US: 1637 min • Paramount Home Entertainment • July 29, 2014

Twin Peaks – The Entire Mystery is a comprehensive and fitting collection that will mostly delight the fans of the maverick and groundbreaking television series.

“The sound and picture quality have been further upgraded and each frame now looks truly beautiful – crisp but dreamy, as they were meant to be.”

Video Exclusive: Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot – Off The Rails directed by Makode Linde

Off The Rails Video Exclusive

Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot film a special version of ‘Off The Rails’ for Polari Magazine.

“In a riotous performance filmed exclusively for Polari the two tear up a railway- carriage in a possessed and arch demonstration of ruling divas-extraordinaire”

LP1 • FKA Twigs

Released August 11, 2014
FKA Twigs is the absolute doyenne of tumblr cool. The trip-hop inspired LP1 boasts strong and masterful song writing.

“‘Two Weeks’ is a massive and masterful song, the highlight of LP1, and its straight-out-of-the-box perfection would be an achievement for any artist, new or established.”

Going Off the Rails with Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot

Going Off The Rails

Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot talk about their collaboration ‘Off The Rails’.

“I met Billie in Berlin, having Caipirinhas. We are obviously not the kind of girls that meet with cappuccinos at some theatre!”

Complete Surrender • Slow Club

Released July 14, 2014
Slow Club’s Complete Surrender is nurturing, moving and relatable. It should be heard in the same context as some of pop’s most soulful biggest hitters.

“To make a record like this and to take strides that enables your sound to be both mainstream but wholly grounded in a lyrical sensibility that is essentially British in its self-deprecation and rejection of sentimentality is admirable and is what gives Slow Club their edge.”

Trouble In Paradise • La Roux

Released July 21, 2014
Rather than the metallic synth-pop of her 2009 debut, La Roux has opted instead for a sweltering and more organic, sensual soundscape.

“La Roux is proving that although she is clearly serious about the potential aims of modern music, she is also having tremendous fun making it – without a doubt the definitive summer release of 2014.”

Selectadisc • Ronika

Released June 2, 2014
Ronika’s Selectadisc is a mix of the old and new that is wonderfully realised and, when it’s at its strongest, still fresh sounding.

“Ronika will be around for some time it appears, her devotion to making and performing music seems inescapable and is irresistible. The UK dance scene – if such a thing still really exists – should welcome her with open arms.”

After All EP • Billie Ray Martin

Released July 14, 2014
Billie Ray Martin’s After All EP is one of her most vibrant and self-possessed for some time.

“It’s a little freaky and you can dance to it, which is a perfect combination, and Martin has never sounded better – she is a truly virtuoso performer.”

1000 Forms Of Fear • Sia

Released July 7, 2014
On 1000 Forms Of Fear, Sia shows that she has kept some of her best songs thus far very close to her own chest. Her loudest cry for self-recognition so far.

“When individual songs or the extremely strong middle section are played in isolation this is indeed some of the most warming but persistently dark and potent music that Sia has both written and performed.”