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Interiors • Glasser

Released October 4, 2013
Interiors sees Glasser interpreting human experiences with man-made environments and channelling them into predominately man-made music.

“Glasser has made an album that positions her among the more experimental art pop genre of electronic artists such as Julia Holter and Laurel Halo.”

Summer Camp • Summer Camp

Released September 9, 2013
Summer Camp’s self-title second album is flawed but fascinating.

“An enjoyable album certainly, but one where the duo’s intentions and a satisfying sense of a musical identity or presence is unclear.”

Days Are Gone • Haim

Released September 27, 2013
Strikingly different from their current, retro-obsessed contemporaries, Haim’s Days Are Gone is genuinely thrilling and experimental.

“This is a charismatic and superior release, real musical talent and love of performing that doesn’t sound cynical or short-sighted.”

Samson & Delilah • VV Brown

49:10 min • YOY • September 9, 2013
VV Brown has returned with 11 angry, desolate and soulful songs set against a unsettling, uncompromising soundtrack. It is a startling reinvention indeed.

Samson & Delilah never goes too far, gets too crazy or attention seeking. The measured and meticulous tone and pacing of this album is a very large part of its success.”

Wish Bone • Oh Land

47:42 min • Federal Prism • September 24, 2013
Oh Land’s Wish Bone: the promise of something both unexpected and immediately compelling is met almost without exception.

“Oh Land, like several similar acts, has been on the periphery of this greatness for a little while now but Wish Bone sees her nudge her way into this very special group with an album that, in addition to cementing her own unique identity, is a delirious and thoughtful collection of pop beauty.”

Ultraista Remixes • Ultraista

44:42 min • Mute • September 9, 2013
A remix album that surpasses the original recording is a rarity, yet Ultraista Remixes is the ideal companion piece, bringing out the necessary colour and bite.

“In many ways a template for the successful remix project, Ultraista have proved that there is still life in what is a really a marketing tool if quality control is paramount and the DNA of the original material remains.”

Tales of Us • Goldfrapp

44:42 min • Mute • September 9, 2013
Tales Of Us is Goldfrapp showing their lush, dreamy slowed-down side, and the concessions to pop on previous albums are entirely absent.

“The songwriting in particular is supremely confident and intricate and has reached the point where instead of lining up their influences for all to hear, Goldfrapp are finally sounding like themselves.”

Loud City Song • Julia Holter

44:42 min • Domino • August 19, 2013
Julia Holter keeps moving forward at a tireless, restless place and on Loud City Song she had made something that is intimate, warm and more than ever before, relatable.

Loud City Song is certainly Julia Holter’s most musical album to date and is structured in a way that, more than anything, is typical of a musical play, much like its references. It is simultaneously very old fashioned in its use of instruments and arrangements and modern in the way it stops short of any clear categorisation”

Body Music • AlunaGeorge

68:05 min • Island • July 26, 2013
The in-demand AlunaGeorge have a clearly idenitifiable sound, and Aluna Francis has an engaging, charismatic voice.

“There’s no doubt that half of this album is brilliant and it’s most certainly the first half. The concern for AlunaGeorge will be where to go now with their sound.”

The A&R EP • Annie

Released July 29, 2013
One of 3 EPs to be released this year, A&R tunes Annie’s musical radar to the dance and chart music of the early 1990s.

“Richard X is to Annie what Timbaland once was to Missy around the turn of the last decade. The relationship goes beyond that of muse and maestro, an equal partnership that brings out the best in each artist derived from a comfort factor and desire to innovate.”