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Love Your Dum And Mad • Nadine Shah

Released July 21, 2013
Nadine Shah’s tales of troubled men and put upon women, with its swampy, stylistic production, recall PJ Harvey, which is sometimes good and othertimes not.

“Shah has an amazing voice and does not descend into histrionics where others would, given the potentially melodramatic subject matter here the temptation must have been great, and her controlled performance throughout the entirety of Love Your Dum and Mad is indeed its greatest asset.”

Ciara • Ciara

Released July 5, 2013
On her fifth album, Ciara has never sounded so self-assured, and she recalls the golden days of R ‘n’ B.

“R ‘n’ B in 2013 is still a confused genre but Ciara has remained a constant for almost a decade now, the overall strength of Ciara combined with the oh so necessary go-hard marketing could see her propelled her back into the limelight.”

Goodbye To All That • Cold Blood Club

Released July 2, 2013
The new single from Cold Blood Club is a change of direction but one that had lost the band some of its edge.

“Previously their sound was predominately electronic of the grimier indie variety but with a few live instruments thrown in for good measure. ‘Goodbye To All That’ plays down the synths and turns up the jangly guitar.”

Electric • Pet Shop Boys

Released July 15, 2013
Electric is a return to form for the Pet Shop Boys. It’s a distinctive, sparking, intelligent and brilliant pop record.

“With Stuart Price’s bombastic, detailed and hugely gratifying production, this is an album that will see fans who have drifted from the fold instantly and overwhelmingly connecting with.”

Olympia • Austra

Released June 17, 2013
Olympia is a beautifully crafted second album, and features very strong songs about difficult and painful human relationships.

“Austra have made an album that quietly but effectively incorporates early house music and melancholic disco.”

I Want Your Love

US: 71 min • Naked Sword / Peccadillo Pictures • June 28 2013

A small but significant as well as moving film about real gay men of all shapes and sizes.

“There isn’t even a sub-plots involving mobile phones, a miracle in itself. It’s the anti-city that capitalism forgot and which is rarely portrayed, especially in a ‘gay’ context.”

DVA • Emika

Released June 10, 2013
Emika releases her sophmore album DVA.

“The tone is very firmly, but also somewhat misleadingly, established by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra’s appearance on the brief introduction track ‘Hush’ also featuring an operatic vocal by Michaela Srumova…”

Partygoing • Future Bible Heroes

Released June 10, 2013
Future Bible Heroes release their third studio album after an eleven year hiatus.

“Lyrically, themes of old (or the old), remain; ageing, unrequited love, loneliness, drug and drink reliance and keeping children in comas (for their own safety of course).”