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Speaking Words: An Interview with Nick Field

Queer Words.

In the first of a series on queer performance poets, Laura Macdougall talks to Nick Field about blending physical theatre, music and spoken word.

“For queer artists in spoken word and performance poetry there are still challenges in getting heard and featured, even if the work is not necessarily queer focussed.”

Speaking Words: Queer’Say

Queer Voices.

The Queer’Say events celebrate the power of the spoken word. We introduce a series of interviews with performance poets, and consider why the medium is so popular.

“This is poetry that is populist and democratising, and contagious, as can be seen by videos of spoken word poets that have gone viral in recent years.”

Crossing The Thin Line: An Interview with Heather Peace

We Can Change.

Laura Macdougall talks to actress and musician Heather Peace about her new album, The Thin Line, and what it means to be an out musician and actor.

“The anthem is a gay anthem for me, but it’s an anthem for any minority really. We’re all trying to make the world a better place and then that terrible right wing tries to pull us all back.”

The Architect: An Interview with Wallis Bird

The Architect.

Wallis Bird’s fourth album, Architect, is an examination of self and the space it inhabits. We talk to her about the foundations upon which it was built.

“I realised that through my own rootlessness and migrational lifestyle, I was only identified by what I was wearing … so it led me to self-search, seek home.”