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Bright Light Bright Light: Everything I Ever Wanted

Bright Light Bright Light: Everything I Ever Wanted

In aid of Elton John’s Aids Foundation, Bright Light Bright Light records a special version of his single ‘Everything I Ever Wanted’ with the Pink Singers.

“It’s a song about care and protecting someone so they achieve the best they can, so thematically it’s the best song for the day, but also I really wanted full chorals on it so it seemed the best choice!”

Open Hearts: An Interview with Bright Light Bright Light

More Than Most

Bright Light Bright Light talks to Polari as he embarks on a tour of America’s west coast with Elton John, ahead of the release of his new single ‘An Open Heart’

“Nobody really wants to hear a tunnel vision perspective and I don’t really want to give one – love or relationships are not particularly tied to sexuality or age or gender or race or location.”

Opus • Jane Badler

Released September 15, 2014
Opus spans a variety of styles, and Jane Badler’s voice is all the sultry sass and seduction. A beautiful, bittersweet and ethereal journey.

“One of the album’s highlights is ‘Losing You’, a beautiful, latin mid-tempo ballad exploring betrayal and redemption with a sultry cabaret feel. There is something magically ethereal about Jane’s vocal that lends something special to this track and the accompanying video is nothing short of spectacular.”

Jane Badler Sings

Diana Reborn.

Jane Badler is a legend in the history of television sci-fi. Nick Smith talked to her about her iconic role in V, and the release of her debut solo album.

“Well without a doubt V was the most popular thing I did, as far as viewers go. Science fiction is a genre that people just never forget. Once they love you, they love you forever. The fans are wonderful and very loyal. Either that or I’m the first crush!”

Sport’s Hidden Lives: Ben English

Revealing the Hidden Life.

Nick Smith talks to wrestler Ben English, aka The VIP, about his experiences of coming out in the world of professional wrestling

“Professional wrestlers are not the most politically correct group, but the messages of support I received from my peers were incredible.”

Life Is Easy • Bright Light Bright Light

Released July 4, 2014
Life Is Easy is a cathartic journey with themes of loss, empowerment and new beginnings, with an optimistic and cinematic feel.

Life Is Easy has a knowing optimistic wisdom coursing through its sonic blueprint. “

Blue Smoke • Dolly Parton

Released June 9, 2014
Blue Smoke is a splendid continuation of this formidable woman’s talent, grace, wit and candour. There is no better or more genuine preacher than Parton.

“Parton’s voice is on fine, solemn and heart-breaking form throughout and soars on the album’s closer ‘Try’ where our heroine seeks to motivate and empower those that have fallen on difficult times.”

Bad Neighbours

Cert: 15 • US: 97 min • Universal Pictures • May 3, 2014

Bad Neighbours is deliciously evil and utterly hilarious, and features some of the most inventive, wicked and outrageous comedy set pieces in cinema.

“Zac Efron is the real revelation here, however, casting aside his High School Musical roots with magnificent aplomb, delivering an incredibly evil performance as a belligerent fraternity leader.”

Seven • Lisa Stansfield

Released February 10, 2014
Lisa Stansfield’s Seven is an album of beautifully written songs that hark back to her hallmark ’90s soul sound, while remaining fresh and genuine.

“This album is a diverse collection of stories that unfold in varying styles while remaining true to the sonic blueprint of big, bold soul with the discerning, gorgeous Stansfield vocal.”

Freedom • Rebecca Ferguson

Released November 29, 2013
Rebecca Ferguson’s Freedom takes you on a genuine and emotional journey, with themes of melancholy, acceptance and empowerment.

“In a time, where the shock-tactics of Miley Cyrus are touted as female empowerment, women young and old would do very well to take this tremendous, genuine and emotional journey with Ferguson.”