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This Book Will Change Your Life

Far From The Tree.

The winner of this year’s Green Carnation Prize was Andrew Solomon’s Far From The Tree, a book that is so powerful it could change your life.

“In exploring categories of physical difference, and conditions that do not reflect the unforgiving mainstream, Solomon makes familiar that which is different.”

A Case of Me – Joni Mitchell at 70

For The Roses.

On Joni Mitchell’s 70th birthday, Michael Langan takes a look at what it is about Joni that makes her one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time.

“Like the greatest art, her music evolves and changes as you yourself evolve and change. I’ve filled myself with it in ways that sustain in every way – feeding, lifting, teaching supporting, holding.”

Equal Hoosiers on the Street: A Rallying Cry Against Indiana House Joint Resolution 6

Equal Marriage Rights.

Walter Beck takes a stand for equal marriage on National Coming Out Day. And he gets the crowds fired up.

“I gathered three of my flags – my Rainbow flag, my Bisexual flag, and my Trans* flag. The Trans* Colors were the only ones that hadn’t seen the street, so I thought it was time they were baptized in the sacred concrete of the picket line.”

To Russian LGBT – with love

October 6, 2013.

Daniel Vais writes about the inspiration for the ‘To Russian LGBT – with love’ event, a collaboration between Dalston Superstore, Culture Device and the Queer Archives.

“When other communities in other countries are in need it feels to me like my own community is in need. It’s a duty to organize this event, an honor, and that’s why I want people to join. It is an opportunity to unite in solidarity, to help and support.”

No Pity, But Equality

There’s More To Politics Than Looks.

Is life easier if you can “pass” for straight. And if you do, does that mean you don’t know really know what discrimination feels like? Emphatically not, argues Walter Beck.

“We started to shun and shame our brothers and sisters who didn’t fit that mold. Our Pride Colors, instead of showing the bright diversity of our community, began to turn into merely shades of gray.”

Rock ‘N’ Roll Pride: Or Why Blasting Ministry’s Psalm 69 is a Better Fix than a Club Jukebox Blaring Madonna

There’s More to Queer Than Pop Divas.

There is more to queer music than the officially sanctioned slick-pop, says Walter Beck. There is an alternative.

“We stayed up most of the night making picket signs and getting ready. You think we were blasting Lady Gaga? Fuck no! We were getting ready to face the craziest bastards on the religious fringe to 100db of MC5’s Kick Out the Jams.”

I Do: The Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8

I Do: The End of DOMA & Prop 8

Walter Beck examines the reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that spells the end for DOMA and Prop 8

“What we are seeing is the utter breakdown of the Religious Right. The Supreme Court has dealt a fatal blow to their political power and now they will wither away.”

Whatever Happened to the Alternative Music Scene?

To Be or Not To Be.

Where have all the alternative clubs gone? Where does that leaves the Soho gay crowd who don’t want to listen to soulless remixes?

“It’s always struck me as odd that a subculture that is based on non-conformity could be so … well … conformist.”

The Godfather Delusion

To Be or Not To Be.

Andrew Darley is asked why he wants to be a godfather to his brother’s as-yet-to-be-conceived child and puzzles over his answer.

“It wasn’t until a close friend of mine outright asked me ‘Why would you want to be a Godfather if you don’t believe in God?’ that I began to mull over it. “

Let There Be Sparkle!

In the beginning Gloria created the heaven and the earth.

Paul Baker celebrates a record breaking reading from the Bible … in your actual Polari.

“Before Polari became the name of this online magazine it was a secret form of language, spoken mostly by gay men and lesbians, with a complex and eclectic history encompassing drag queens, actors, travelling circus people, sailors, Italians, American airforce men and even Punch and Judy entertainers.”