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Sins Against Gay Men.

Have you been sinned against by a vicious, homophobic state? Take heart as Dame Effie proposes an election year reparation plan.

Polari Magazine’s News Stories of 2013

2013 News Stories.

From the pardon of Alan Turing to the death of Margaret Thatcher in the UK, to Trans* Rights and Employment Non-Discrimination in the US, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Top News Stories from 2013.

GAY is good: An Interview with Tony Fenwick

History and Visibility.

Tony Fenwick, the co-chair of the UK’s LGBT History Month organisation, talks about how teacher training is in conflict with the negative influence of pop culture, and the popular use of the word ‘gay’ to mean anything bad.

“We should be using LGBT History Month together with all the other events in the classroom. It’s invisibility that creates prejudice and it’s that invisibility that makes teenagers so frightened and alone when they’re growing up questioning their sexuality.”

Judith Paris and the Alan Turing Musical

The Universal Machine.

Marcus Reeves talks to Judith Paris about her role as Sara Turing in The Universal Machine, a new musical about the life of Alan Turing.

“It’s so complicated, the story of the Enigma – and it is a wonderful story of Turing’s tenacity, but also wilful, ridiculous stupidity by the British Government. Not many people would decide to do a musical about a mathematician.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 1

Alan Turing, by Christopher Bryant.

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors.

“What did Turing’s homosexuality have to do directly with his work? The answer is nothing and everything. Turing’s genius was in his way of looking at the world in a distinctive, and dissident, way.”

2012 Retrospective 2: Queer Year

2012 Retrospective

The Editor looks back at the year 2012 in Polari and how it has explored the LGBT subculture. Part 2: Queer Year.

WTF?! Who looks for ‘greek gods cake ideas’ through Google?

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Cakes for Greek Gods, Nadine Dorries’ Tits and Alan Turing Naked.

“Attitude and GT were not around then to propose a naked photo shoot. Where would the average gay man be, and what would he know, without that tireless public service?”

You typed ‘what crap is madonna talking now’ into Google?

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Madonna, Alan Turing, public toilets, and the death penalty, again ….

“Last week it was simply ‘death penalty for fags’, but now ‘polari’ has been added, which is just weird, unless someone was looking for the translation of said terms into the glorious Polari lexicon. …”

Ghost Station

New contemporary art exhibition at Bletchley park.

ArtHertz presents an exhibition exploring the themes of codes, code-breaking, Alan Turing, the role of pigeons and women in World War II.

7 funniest WTF?! search terms this week

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Madonna and telekinesis!

“It’s funny when you know where a search term led, but you still think, ‘why the hell would anyone search for that?’ Unless it’s a 21st century fetish we’ve not heard about …”