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An Innocent Evening of Drinking • Declan Bennett

Released January 1996
An Innocent Evening Of Drinking is folk pop perfection and sits somewhere between Ani DiFranco and Damian Rice but with an underlying pop sensibility.

“This album is essential listening for any fans of well written pop, folk, or just music in general. It’s also the most lyrically arresting album I’ve heard in years, and deserves to be heard for that reason in general.”

Our LGBT Histories: Music – Day 28

Ani DiFranco, ‘Both Hands’.

To end LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari asked the singer-songwriter Sabrina Chap to recall a song important to her.

“I knew that Ani sometimes slept with girls, but part of the thrill of the song was that there was no gender to the person she was talking about – it could have been anyone.”

Polari HQ • What are we listening to?

18 August, 2012

Recommendations from Polari’s writers based on what they are listening to this week.

“This week: Pure Love, Imagine Dragons, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes and Anais Mitchell.”

¿Which Side Are You On? • Ani DiFranco

Released January 17, 2012

The new Ani DiFranco is a return to form as well as something different.

It’s real and honest, something she does very well. This sense of contentment permeates the more personal parts of the album, and it’s nice to hear her sounding happy.