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The Last Tea Party

Reading the Tea Leaves.

How “Operation American Spring” Turned a Once Powerful Political Movement into the Laughing Stock of the Country.

“The Tea Party died because they made the fatal mistake of all hard-bent ideological political movements: they took their own paranoid gibberish too seriously and expected vast segments of the American public to go along with them.”

A Queer History: What We’re Saying Now

Introduction: The Way We Live Now.

The introduction to the series ‘A Queer History’, which looks back to Early Greece and forward to the way we live now.

“It is humour, not anger, that controlled the situation. It is an interesting lesson at a time when there is a backlash against the equal marriage movement.”

Villains: DC Political lobbies deprive people rights

Political lobbyists in Washington, D.C., promote mob rule.

Democracy is a difficult subject, and US lobby groups The National Organization for Marriage and Stand 4 Marriage DC think it means mob rule. They are the latest paranoid church-goers who think that same-sex marriage threatens the decent values of upstanding Americans and … Well, you know the drill.

It seems the citizens are concerned that the legalization of same-sex marriage threatens their freedom as Americans to impose their values on others. Apparently, churches that do not get behind the law are threatened with losing their tax exemption, and some such stuff.

Carved in Marble

Carved in Marble: An Interview with Gore Vidal.

Polari Magazine talks to the legendary author about his great character Myra Breckinridge, his 63 year writing career, and the turning point promised by the election of Obama.

My greatest achievement is that I’ve never killed anybody. Which reveals an awful lot of temptation. Because I have been visited.

Best American Political Writing 2008 • ed. Royce Flippin

378 pages • Public Affairs • October 2nd, 2008

A fascinating collection of journalism from 2008 that marks the end of the Bush era.

To understand what America has become, what it can become, and why Obama is the ideal candidate to bring about change, this is essential reading.

The Future’s So Bright I Can’t Bear To Look

154 pages • Nation Books • October 2nd, 2008

This collection of strips from 2005-2008 lifts the lid on the twisted world of right-wing American politics. It is as funny as it is frightening.

This comic strip wonders what would happen if Jeffrey Dahmer had been a right wing pundit and published a book called Liberals: Kill Them and Eat Them; and solves the problem of the Republican ticket by introducing the newcomer ‘guy in a Reagan mask’ and his running mate, ‘another guy in a Reagan mask’.