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Ghosts of Download • Blondie

Released May 12, 2014
A complicated answer is given to the question of why Blondie keep releasing new material some 35 years plus after their debut release.

“Blondie’s tenth and possibly last studio album continues their pattern of post eighties, hit and miss, occasionally brilliantly eccentric, scattershot songs with Debbie Harry’s nonchalant and still effortless presence overseeing proceedings.”

Desperately Seeking Peter Michael Marino

Into the Groove.

Musician Andi Fraggs interviews writer and performer Peter Michael Marino about his new hit show, Desperately Seeking The Exit.

” I hope that someday Desperately Seeking Susan will be licensed and performed all around the world. Or in high schools. Or summer camps. Whatevs! Debbie did great work on the show and I’m sure its closing was not easy for her.”