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Future Souls • Uh Huh Her

Released March 25, 2014
The latest album from Uh Huh Her, Future Souls, is a concession to the dance floor as well as a continuation of their elegant, electro-pop sound.

“For a dance album it’s maybe surprising that the two best songs on Future Souls are the most introverted and intimate.”

Jiaolong • Daphni

47.08 min • Jiaolong • October 16, 2012

Jiaolong is Caribou frontman (aka Daphni) Daniel Snaith’s response to mainstream dance music.

“The purpose of Snaith’s new moniker is to experiment with the genre and create songs people, “could not have conceived of existing,” before hearing them.”

Pacifica • The Presets

Released September 16, 2012, Modular Recordings

Little Bastard is surprised by the latest album from The Presets, which is innovative, and takes the band in new directions.

This is a dense album, and on the surface you might not GET it, but listen again, and you’ll hear the layers, you’ll hear the brilliance, and you’ll hear the message.”