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The Marshall Mathers LP2 • Eminem

Released November 5, 2013
Little Bastard finds Eminem to be a beat poet at the top of his game and defends him against his detractors.

“Slim Shady, his violent alter ego, is not only the mouth piece for Eminem’s own frustration and anger, but also a mirror to society. Slim Shady is completely Eminem, whilst being the worst in all of us at the same time.”

Unapologetic • Rihanna

November 19, 2012

It’s not just about the music and so, says Little Bastard, the promise of this album is lost when her message supports physically violent domestic abuse.

“How well this album will do will depend on its marketing. Just as we want to watch car-crash TV, we want car-crash celebrity, so secretly most people in this media saturated culture probably want a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion.”

The Truth About Love • Pink

Released September 14, 2012, RCA

The new album from Pink, The Truth About Love, has its moments, but is nothing remarkable, and fairly bland in one too many places.

“Pink manages to capture my feelings about the walk of shame completely, coming across like a slightly soiled Katy Perry, still smelling of JD and cigarette smoke, and I’m more than happy with that.”