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Lives No Longer Hidden: An Interview with Carol Steele

Revealing the Gender Spectrum.

Pioneering activist Carol Steele talks about the questions that face people who are transgender, and the obstacles that trans people have yet to overcome.

“Transgender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi in much the same way that cis-gender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi – but we do have one thing in common with all cis-LGB, we have all suffered from persecution.”

Crossing Over, at The Southbank Centre

The world famous magician Fay Presto writes about Crossing Over.

Fay Presto writes about the House of Homosexual Culture event Crossing Over, a multi-media exploration of the gender divide.

There was a lot of applause and support for the performers/participators, the sort of applause I get after the performance of a particularly neat card trick.