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The Aesthetic of Voyeurism: Interview with Antonio Da Silva

Erotic Shorts.

The shorts of Antonio Da Silva combine elements of pornography, narrative and the art film. He talks to Michael Langan about poetry, porn and how in touch with his audience he is.

“The moments I select in my editing are the ones where the person forgets the camera is there. If I see ‘acting,’ I won’t use that. That’s why in some of my films I show people leaving the moment after having sex, I’m interested in that afterwards moment.”

Master Storyteller • Sébastien Lifshitz

Bambi at Fringe! Film Festvial.

Sébastien Lifshitz’s films explore a rich and unexpected side of gay life. Michael Langan talks to him about his recent documentary works, Les Invisibles and Bambi.

“Both Bambi, and the subjects in Les Invisibles, have spent their lives either campaigning, or struggling personally, but are all, ultimately, human beings who simply want to love and want to give love.”

Boy Meets Girl

Cert: 18 • USA: 95 min • Independent • 2014

Fringe! Film Fest picture Boy Meets Girl is a different take on the traditional rom-com genre with authentic and strong characters.

“For viewers belonging or familiar with queer culture, some of the issues this film touches on may be not ground-breaking, but for others unfamiliar, they could be enlightening”

Deepsouth: An Interview with Lisa Biagiotti

Compassion in Struggle.

Hassan Vawda talks to Lisa Biagiotti about the film deepsouth, an evocative exploration of the rise in HIV in the rural south of the United States.

“People had no expectations that I would be any different from the mainstream media with their stories of stereotypical Southern characters. But I kept showing up and I listened, I asked questions about what they were thinking and what they were spending their time doing.”

In Their Room London

Cert:18 • US: 32 min • Kickstarter • April 13 2013

In Their Room London. The series is an fly-on-the-wall, verité style to show gay men in their private spaces at private moments. Insightful.

” They eat and wash and groom and wank (not necessarily in that order) and talk about aspects of their sexuality, from what they like in bed to their dreams and desires regarding relationships.”