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Poet to Poet: Walter Beck In Conversation with Stephen S. Mills

He Do The Gay Man In Different Voices

Walter Beck talks Sex, Booze, and Poetry to rising young poet Stephen S. Mills.

“A lot of mainstream gay rights groups like HRC aren’t very supportive of people who don’t play by the rules. I also think the focus on marriage has ignored a lot of other important issues like job discrimination.”

No Pity, But Equality

There’s More To Politics Than Looks.

Is life easier if you can “pass” for straight. And if you do, does that mean you don’t know really know what discrimination feels like? Emphatically not, argues Walter Beck.

“We started to shun and shame our brothers and sisters who didn’t fit that mold. Our Pride Colors, instead of showing the bright diversity of our community, began to turn into merely shades of gray.”

Recording an Alternative History

Matt Fennemore talks David Wojnarowic.

Michael Langan talks to performance artist Matt Fennemore about the queer arts pioneer David Wojnarowicz, whose work has inspired his new piece, You Killed Me First!

“Film-maker, performer, photographer, iconoclast, AIDS campaigner and all-round agent provocateur, Wojnarowicz belonged to an age when to be gay, queer, or whatever you want to call it, was to be fighting a constant battle against prejudice, bigotry and, as a matter of life and death, striving for human rights.”

We Are The Parade • Sabrina Chap

Singing for Equal Rights.

The wonderful, the talented and the irrepressible Sabrina Chap returns with her hymn to equal marriage, ‘We Are The Parade’.

‘We Are The Parade’ is a big gay anthem. “Well you think you wanna marry me, come on take my hand, it’s a long walk to equality so let’s strike the band up”.

You typed ‘kissing cadavers’ into Google … ?!

Search terms that have led readers to Polari.

It’s madness, and part of Polari’s WTF Friday features. Madonna’s age and gay rights.

“It’s great to know that misogynist nonsense brings readers to a site that would probably make them go into full-on heterosexual panic”

LGBT Heroes – Day 27

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell selected for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month 2012.

“Peter Tatchell may seem like an obvious choice for our list of LGBT Heroes, but rightly so – he has dedicated his entire adult life to the cause, at times suffering life-threatening physical abuse. I defy anyone to challenge his place here.”

LGBT Heroes – Day 15

Kevin Patrick O’Neil

The Editor selects Kevin Patrick O’Neil for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month 2012.

WHOF was started to manage this mammoth task. As of today there are 36, 452 members, and the group averages a staggering 63 million post views per month.

LGBT Heroes – Day 2

George Takei

Bryon Fear selects George Takei for Polari Magazine’s list of LGBT Heroes. For UK LGBT History Month 2012.

Takei’s sexuality had been an open secret amongst Star Trek fans since the 1970s, and Takei did not conceal his active membership in LGBT organisations.

A word about Adam Levine

On Adam Levine’s support for equal rights

Maroon 5 frontman Levine takes another stand for equal marriage rights.

In October, Levine had this to say to Fox when it used Maroon 5’s music: “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil f***ing channel ever again. Thank you.”

Villains: How British Christians are being Americanised

Now the mild-mannered British Christians are now acting like the US Christian Right

The Christian Institute are waging a war against the Politically Correct Brigade, who’ll stop you wearing a Cross and force you to watch lesbian soap operas.

Traditionally, the Americans have been the pit-bull terriers of Christ, tearing up everything in their path and crapping over the aftermath.