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Lives No Longer Hidden: An Interview with Carol Steele

Revealing the Gender Spectrum.

Pioneering activist Carol Steele talks about the questions that face people who are transgender, and the obstacles that trans people have yet to overcome.

“Transgender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi in much the same way that cis-gender people can be straight, lesbian, gay or bi – but we do have one thing in common with all cis-LGB, we have all suffered from persecution.”

Against Cultural Norms: An Interview with CN Lester


CN Lester talks about activism, what it’s like to be openly genderqueer in the music industry, and the issues facing the trans population today.

“Any industry where the goal is to shift product – ticket sales, album sales, product placement – struggles when the ‘brand’ you’re selling goes against cultural norms..”

IDAHO(T) May 17 – A Close Shave

IDAHOT 2013.

Phoenix Berliner writes about learning to identify as trans, and the school kids who asked, “is she even a girl?”.

“What the girls had said during that traumatic experience supplied me with the clues needed to assemble my costume for the next few years. The next day, I showed up in my pinkest outfit “

Art & Queer Culture • Catherine Lord & Richard Meyer (eds.)

424 pages • Phaidon Press Ltd • 1 April, 2013 [HB]

Art and Queer Culture is a beautifully produced & expertly written survey of the relationship between visual art & transgressive sexualities.

“Art and Queer Culture is an invaluable resource for anyone studying, or even just interested in, the history of transgressive sexualities and gender politics in the visual arts and Phaidon’s characteristically high quality production values make this a pleasure to read.”

What now for the gay subculture?

What it means to be in the gay subculture.

The implications of the gay subculture, both politically and socially.

One battle won certainly does not mean that the fighting is done, and until there is an understanding that there are as many acceptable ways to live as there are people in the world, our war is not over.

Aleem Khan, Film Maker

Focus on Talent talks to Aleem Khan

Aleem Khan is the director of the short film Diana, which was premiered at The 23rd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in April.

My aim was to make a film that people could relate to in some way. In our lives we have all suffered from some kind of rejection, isolation or loss.

Rory on drag kings and genderqueer

On the theme of Looking Back Whilst Looking Forward.

Rory writes about what it means to be genderqueer and a drag king.

It feels sometimes that my gender comes down to which toilet I choose to use. It comes down to whether someone calls me “Sir” or refuses my ID because the name (and therefore implied gender) doesn’t match up with the person standing before them.