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Body Music • AlunaGeorge

68:05 min • Island • July 26, 2013
The in-demand AlunaGeorge have a clearly idenitifiable sound, and Aluna Francis has an engaging, charismatic voice.

“There’s no doubt that half of this album is brilliant and it’s most certainly the first half. The concern for AlunaGeorge will be where to go now with their sound.”

The A&R EP • Annie

Released July 29, 2013
One of 3 EPs to be released this year, A&R tunes Annie’s musical radar to the dance and chart music of the early 1990s.

“Richard X is to Annie what Timbaland once was to Missy around the turn of the last decade. The relationship goes beyond that of muse and maestro, an equal partnership that brings out the best in each artist derived from a comfort factor and desire to innovate.”

Ten: The Hits Tour • Girls Aloud

100 min • Manchester Arena • March 7, 2013

DJ David Robson watches The Girls Aloud tour, and sees the Girls going through the motions … and not much else.

“Pop today is ruled by reality star competitors who are such products they haven’t got anything to say. They are happy to go along as part of the machine and as a result become such faceless acts that, when it comes to performing in an arena tour, the flaw in the pop plan is plain to see.”