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Trouble In Paradise • La Roux

Released July 21, 2014
Rather than the metallic synth-pop of her 2009 debut, La Roux has opted instead for a sweltering and more organic, sensual soundscape.

“La Roux is proving that although she is clearly serious about the potential aims of modern music, she is also having tremendous fun making it – without a doubt the definitive summer release of 2014.”

Nightclubbing (Reissue) • Grace Jones

Disc 1 [rating=5]
Disc 2 [rating=3]
Released April 28, 2014
Remastered and with extra tracks, the classic album Nightclubbing sparkles, even if 5 remixes of ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ seems like overkill …

“If you don’t already own the original album then this is the version that you should hear. The remastered version is cleaner and louder than before and the longer versions of ‘Walking in The Rain’ and the re-tread of ‘Feel Up’ are essential listening.”

Me! I Disconnect From You • Grace Jones

Released April 28, 2014
Grace Jones’ cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Me! I Disconnect From You’ is rescued for the reissue of her classic album Nightclubbing..

“Her voice is urgent and panicked here but there is a sadness in her delivery too. But those expecting a possessed ‘She’s Lost Control’ or a’Bullshit’ devouring Grace will not find her here. It isn’t sinister, it is an oddly and unexpected warm sounding arrangement.”

Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing: A Celebration


Grace Jones’ 1981 album Nightclubbing was a defining moment in the history of pop music. John Preston celebrates the passion, fire and pure subversion that is Grace.

” She is the explosion. Give Jones an electric fan or a spinning chair, an Issey Miyake cape and a pair of cymbals, and you’ll feel as though you’re witnessing other worldly, artistic genius.”

DIY Drag and the Ho-Made Music Video, Part 3

The Original Songs, and the Future of YouTube Drag.

In this 3-part series, A. Loudermilk writes about the drag queen YouTube videos that are as transgressive as they are outrageous. Part 3 looks at the drag queens singing original songs.

“The best of these videos tend to spoof the lowest common denominator through gross-out humor and absurdly extreme stereotypes. They nod, indirectly, at the reality of living in a commercial culture built on stereotyping.”

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded • Nicki Minaj

Released April 3, 2012

Nicki Minaj takes her music in a new an edgy direction with Roman Reloaded.

“A lot of the music on display here is as uncommercial as it is commercial, and stars like Rihanna would kill to sound this current.”