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Ripe • Banderas

Released April, 1991
Ripe, the one and only album by Banderas, was one of best queer albums of the 1990s. Beautifully composed, profoundly perceptive and deeply affecting.

“Strong melodies are a characteristic of all the songs. When coupled with the keenly perceptive lyrics the tracks are highly memorable. Musically, the album keeps the listener engaged, shifting its colours and tones effortlessly from danceable pop songs to heartfelt ballads.”

LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 28

Jimmy Sommerville, by Andi Fraggs.

To end LGBT History Month, 2013, singer-songwriter Andi Fraggs rounds out the LGBT Heroes series.

“I was frantically searching for something I could relate to. There was nothing until one day I ventured into a second hand shop and there was a big pink triangle on the front of the Bronski Beat album.”