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Polari Magazine’s Favourite Albums of 2013

Music 2013.

From lo-fi to hi-fi, piano to punk rock, this is a selection of Polari Magazine’s Favourite Music of 2013.

Matangi • M.I.A.

Released November 1, 2013
Matangi sees M.I.A reasserting her own sound on her most joyous sounding album to date.

“Musically and rhythmically it references M.I.A.’s own culture as a London born, Sri Lankan woman and it’s this sound that is at the forefront.”

MDNA • Madonna

Released March 26, 2012

Madonna’s 12th studio album is an innovative and great pop album.

“MDNA is, in parts, quite self-referential but Madonna has always had her tongue firmly in cheek.”