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Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

The Polysaturated Alternative.

Rosie Wilby talks about monogamy, and the ways in which we’re all polyamorous without necessarily knowing it.

“I’d always been led to believe that monogamy was the only optional, but there are options that don’t just involve having an affair. There are people who are polyamorous, people who have open relationships.”

The Other Man

Protecting the Innocent.

Gay Relationship Column. Scottie wonders about the responsibility of ‘the other man’ when he sleeps with someone who is in a relationship that is supposed to be monogamous.

“I couldn’t condone my friend’s actions or attitude, but for some reason, I didn’t feel the need to scold him either. Maybe it was because I hoped that his conscience would take over once he made his confession to me.”

Gay (Married) Couple Seek…?

Gay Marriage, can it really work?

After expressing his support for gay marriage last year, Scott De Buitléir now questions whether gay men are actually capable of the sort monogamy marriage is traditionally associated with.

I wrote last year that I hope to be lucky enough to marry an amazing man whom I’ll be madly in love with. What I forgot to add is that I hope I’ll be lucky enough to be in a monogamous marriage with another man.