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120 min • Roundhouse, London • June 5, 2014

Prince wows in his London show, where he performed two concerts in one night. Nothing compares to his Purple Highness.

“As the indigo light covers the stage, it’s time to send us off singing into the night with a show-stealing performance of the timeless classic ‘Purple Rain’, which has every member of the audience holding hands and singing along like a faithful choir.”

Electric Lady • Janelle Monae

Released September 6, 2013
A daring fusion of nu funk/soul and sci-fi. Janelle Monae’s Metropolis is as much about robots as Animal Farm was about animals.

“‘This is not your run of the mill pop album – in fact it’s not really a pop album at all – it’s an alt-jazz-soul-sci fi experience that is best listened to as a whole rather than dipping in and out of when a quick pop fix is required.”

Pulling Her Hair Back: An Interview with Jessy Lanza

Production Value.

Andrew Darley talks to Jessy Lanza about her love of music, and what it’s like for a woman to be a producer in a man’s world.

“The public can be sexist about what they consider women can do in music. It isn’t a huge surprise to me though, people see me and think “Oh you’re a musician, you must be a singer”. I’m always pretty quick to correct them..”

Wine and Roses • Steven Garrett

Released June 1, 2013
Wine and Roses blends future hip hop with pop soul creating the perfect after hours chill-out album.

“There’s a soul edge to his voice, and a pop edge to the songwriting on display here, which makes him feel like an indie Will Young, if he’d smoked more weed…”

The 20/20 Experience • Justin Timberlake

Released March 15, 2013
Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience is, finds Little Bastard, a sonic thrill with a relatively uncommercial soundscape.

“The 20/20 Experience is probably one of the most impeccably produced albums I have ever heard. It’s not just slick, it’s intricate and beautiful, with a layer of soul that, if you scratch the surface of each song, bleeds through.”

Warrior • Ke$ha

November 30, 2012

Innovation and Reinvention, the key to sustaining a pop career. And Ke$ha proves she can do it, says Little Bastard.

“A young girl with a music obsession, who cut herself open and bleed out her funk driven influences, through her debut album, to the reissue titled Cannibal, and now with new album Warrior, Ke$ha has remained true to herself throughout, whilst still evolving in style.”