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Tear the Stripes Down: The Sanitizing of the Movement

The Gay, Inc. Takeover of LGBT Rights.

Walter Beck stares down the marriage equality opposition, and is confronted with opposition from the conservative Gay, Inc. activists on his own team.

“Folks like me are bad for advertisers. A tall hairy gonzo weirdo decked out full guns blazing would freak out a member of the opposition; they would either puke in disgust or piss their church trousers out of pure fear.”

Let There Be Sparkle!

In the beginning Gloria created the heaven and the earth.

Paul Baker celebrates a record breaking reading from the Bible … in your actual Polari.

“Before Polari became the name of this online magazine it was a secret form of language, spoken mostly by gay men and lesbians, with a complex and eclectic history encompassing drag queens, actors, travelling circus people, sailors, Italians, American airforce men and even Punch and Judy entertainers.”