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Valentine’s Day • Pansy Division

Released January 1996
Pansy Division’s Valentine’s Day takes a humorous stab at love, lust, and loneliness, backed with their signature brand of poppy punk rock.

“Soaked in Pansy Division’s signature sauce of pop-flavored power chord punk rock, backed with Ginoli’s snarky humor, the title cut tells the story of what should really be called ‘Single Awareness Day’.”

Tough Love

February 14, 2014

Tough Love on Valentine’s Day, with the help of Catherine Cookson. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

The Night I Pulled… a Girl

Venue and Nationality Confusion.

Gay Relationship Column. Scottie find his very identity challenged when he meets a girl in a gay bar.

“Once she heard my Irish accent, her eyes lit up, telling me how much she loved Ireland and that her ex-boyfriend was from Donegal.”

What Would Bridget Jones Do?

V Day!

Gay Relationship Column. Scottie thinks on the pressures of Valentine’s Day after going to a pre-Valentine’s party.

“In some ways, I thought, it was like a first date – I was about to make a first impression to an apartment full of single guys.”