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Troubles Melt Like Lemondrops

March 5, 2014

Troubles Melt Like Lemondrops. The Olympics are over – so it’s possible to go out in makeup and not be called Putin. Polari Safari by David Shenton.

Russian Roulette, LGBT Charity Single

Hearts and Minds.

‘Russian Roulette’ is Marcus Reeves’ response to how the Russian gag law on “promoting homosexuality” affects real people and real lives.

“I felt that I wanted to help speak out for other people and their struggles – people who may not have a voice or be allowed to make it heard. Whether there are ten people, ten thousand, or ten million people facing homophobia, it’s always too many.

Polari Magazine’s News Stories of 2013

2013 News Stories.

From the pardon of Alan Turing to the death of Margaret Thatcher in the UK, to Trans* Rights and Employment Non-Discrimination in the US, this is a list of Polari Magazine’s Top News Stories from 2013.

Polari Magazine’s Homophobia Top 5 of 2013

Top 5 Homophobic Moments of 2013.

From B&B Christians to that complete Tweet James Arthur, Mat Hill calls out 2013’s Top 5 Ho Ho Homophobia.

Villains: Vladimir Putin

The Russian Bear Roars.

Rebel Scum gets a fly-on-the-wall look behind Putin’s homophobic policies and finds opportunism and ambitious underlings …

“Comrade, it is your chance to show all of Russia that you oppose the decadence of the West, and to restore the confidence of a populace grown fat with a yearning for McNuggets and the films of Bruce Willis.”