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Exclusive: Quicksilver Album Stream

The Masquerade Macabre.

A Polari Magazine exclusive, Marcus Reeves’ album Quicksilver streamed before its release on November 5 .

“This collection of thirteen songs makes up a concept album that Marcus describes as ‘a sonic threesome between Aladdin Sane, Hedwig and The Phantom of the Opera’. “

Interview: Meital Dohan

Give Us Back Love.

Polari Magazine chats with the multi-talented Meital Dohan about music, writing plays, Israel and her role in Weeds.

“I think I’m like a gay guy, myself. I’m very … gay.”

I Can Take It • An Interview with Andi Fraggs


Polari talks to Andi Fraggs about his new show, I Can Take It!, which is playing in the RVT’s Hot August Fringe.

“Each song in the show relates to something that has happened in my life, whether it’s suffering bullying throughout , being attacked when I was in my teens, addictions, sexual encounters, friends of mine who haven’t made it to today.”

David Shenton: The Accidental Chronicler

The Accidental Chronicler.

Polari Magazine interviews the brilliant cartoonist David Shenton who has, over the last four decades, chronicled LGBT history.

“We filled the gay press with cartoons, and between us we actually wrote down and documented gay history without even meaning to…”

Meryl Tankard’s The Oracle Competition

The Oracle.

Win tickets to see Meryl Tankard’s The Oracle

A Portrait of James Dean Joshua Tree, 1951 Competition

A Portrait of James Dean.

Win a copy of the Peccadillo Pictures DVD ‘A Portrait of James Dean Joshua Tree 1951’.

Alp Haydar’s Dirty Demographic

Alp Haydar’s Dirty Demographic

Alp Haydar returns to the RVT with his most ambitious show to date: Dirty Demographic, Thursday April 25, 2013.

Derek Jarman’s The Garden at the Barbican

The Garden.

Derek Jarman’s landmark film The Garden is playing at the Barbican, Sunday April 21, 2013.

Barbara Hammer: Cuts Above The Rest

Queer Spaces.

Barbara Hammer talks queer cinema, marriage equality, and the importance of real diversity in life and art.

“We finally have the foundation of a culture, we have traced our histories, let us not make marriage and human rights erase us into a vast homogenization of the human race.”

Three Poets

National Poetry Month.

To celebrate National Poetry Month in the US, Polari hears from three poets about what poetry means to them.

“Poetry for me is a powerful tool in my belt as an activist; poetry can distill the fights, hopes, and dreams of those of us fighting for liberty, equality, justice.”