Speaking Words: Queer’Say

Queer Voices.

The Queer’Say events celebrate the power of the spoken word. We introduce a series of interviews with performance poets, and consider why the medium is so popular.

“This is poetry that is populist and democratising, and contagious, as can be seen by videos of spoken word poets that have gone viral in recent years.”

Tori’s Secret Treasures

On The Other Side.

A retrospective of the inimitable Tori Amos’ finest B-sides, rarities and cover versions.

“The B-sides are not merely the songs that ‘didn’t make the cut’ of the album; they are the ones that are strong enough to stand up on their own.”

Exclusive: Scarlette Fever Covers Erasure for Polari Magazine

A Little Respect.

Exclusive: Scarlette Fever covers Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’ for Polari Magazine.

T-Girls: Gender Outlaws

Diverse Identities.

The term T-girls celebrates a range of trans identities. Darius Amini’s exhibition, Gender Outlaws, celebrates the diversity of identity.

What Darius would really like people to take away from the exhibition is an increased awareness of the diversity within the T-Girl community, and to be surprised by that.

Exclusive: Chains of Love Stream ‘Misery Makers on Polari Magazine

Misery Makers.

A Polari Magazine exclusive, Chains of Love premiere ‘Misery Makers’.

“Following the release of the first volume, the title track of the second instalment is the perfect way to showcase the band’s sense of drama and sweetness as lead singer Nathalia Pizarro provides. “

Confronting Tom of Finland

Sexist, Racist, Misogynistic.

Tom of Finland is celebrated for his assertion of a masculine homosexuality. Was this revolutionary, asks Adam Thorburn, or were darker cultural forces at work?

“Lurking behind every image of Tom’s masculine gods is the specter of a limp-wristed homosexual. Tom of Finland’s career as a pornographer can be regarded as a mission to rescue homosexuality from the contamination of effeminacy.”

Russian Roulette, LGBT Charity Single

Hearts and Minds.

‘Russian Roulette’ is Marcus Reeves’ response to how the Russian gag law on “promoting homosexuality” affects real people and real lives.

“I felt that I wanted to help speak out for other people and their struggles – people who may not have a voice or be allowed to make it heard. Whether there are ten people, ten thousand, or ten million people facing homophobia, it’s always too many.

Exclusive: Intimatchine ‘Are You Rich’

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2014 with an exclusive Intimatchine preview.

Intimatchine preview their video ‘Are You Rich’ in a Polari Magazine exclusive.

Exclusive: Ryan MacGrath, ‘Kiss Me Tonight’ Chandelier remix

Celebrating LGBT History Month 2014 with an exclusive Ryan MacGrath track.

Ryan MacGrath celebrates LGBT History Month with Polari by debuting a remix of ‘Kiss Me Tonight’ from his 2013 EP The Pink Lark.

Forman Brown, Elsa Lanchester, and The Turnabout Theatre

A Better Angel.

Turnabout Theatre was a Hollywood hot spot of great importance to queer history. A. Loudermilk celebrates its founders, and its greatest star, Elsa Lanchester.

New Yorker described her as ‘a specialists’ specialist in the mischievous art of seemingly inadvertent comedy,” praising her for “taking her listeners out of a close, tidy world and into a disquieting place filled with sharp winds and unsteady laughter.’”