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Future Islands • Gig

November 2, 2014
Future Islands are a juggernaut of a band who exceed expectation with a performance that is built on the foundations of several years hard graft.

“Samuel T. Herring’s stamina and vocal backflips cuts through the plethora of indie bands who fail to grasp the concept of performance and showmanship.”

Broke With Expensive Taste • Azealia Banks

Released November 6, 2014
Azealia Banks first official long play, is as daring as it is brilliant.

“The breadth and rush of the consistently surprising, eccentric but accessible tracks here is absolute proof that she knew what she was doing all along.”

My Brightest Diamond • Gig

October 31, 2014
On All Hallow’s Eve, My Brightest Diamond took to the stage to perform a befittingly bewitching set.

“Shara Worden stood back from her own music to reflect on how people historically communicated through sound before there was language.”

My Little Ghost • Kidkanevil

Released May 9, 2014
Kidkanevil’s My Little Ghost is a detailed, bright and imaginative album. Often a gentle listen connecting his experimental idiosyncrasies and melodic talent.

“Its effect is enveloping and the emotion of the fragmented piano notes directs the emotion of its character in the foreign terrain.”

Eight Houses • She Keeps Bees

Released September 29, 2014
She Keeps Bees’ fourth album Eight Houses is a refined, meditative record that unfurls in front of you.

“Their airtight and soulful approach is a clear statement of who they are sonically and the strength of their songwriting.”

Shatter Me • Lindsey Stirling

Released July 21, 2014
With Shatter Me, Lindsey Stirling has upped her game and transports her music past the dinner party and straight into the club.

“Everything seems to have been upped a notch, and while the videos for her first album and EPs were engaging and sweet, the video for ‘Beyond The Veil’ is a full on MTV baiting, thunder-and-lightning dramatic piece of film.”

Father EP • Stokeley

Released August 15, 2014
Stokeley’s Father EP features lush soundscapes studded with youthful melancholy. Rarely does ambient music portray the isolation and loneliness of young men.

“Rather than being the spearhead of change, this EP is the silent scream in your head that soundtracks your day to day life… especially as a gay man who doesn’t want to conform.”

You Want The Night • Sleep Thieves

Released June 17, 2014
The debut album You Want The Night from Sleep Thieves show that they’ve grown in leaps and bounds, yet still hold the spirit of when they first emerged.

“Their song structures are more experimental and playful than before, whilst Sorcha comes into her own as a front-woman. She commands a dynamic in her voice that can be both sweet and sharp.”

Opus • Jane Badler

Released September 15, 2014
Opus spans a variety of styles, and Jane Badler’s voice is all the sultry sass and seduction. A beautiful, bittersweet and ethereal journey.

“One of the album’s highlights is ‘Losing You’, a beautiful, latin mid-tempo ballad exploring betrayal and redemption with a sultry cabaret feel. There is something magically ethereal about Jane’s vocal that lends something special to this track and the accompanying video is nothing short of spectacular.”

LP1 • FKA Twigs

Released August 11, 2014
FKA Twigs is the absolute doyenne of tumblr cool. The trip-hop inspired LP1 boasts strong and masterful song writing.

“‘Two Weeks’ is a massive and masterful song, the highlight of LP1, and its straight-out-of-the-box perfection would be an achievement for any artist, new or established.”