Selectadisc • Ronika

Released June 2, 2014
Ronika’s Selectadisc is a mix of the old and new that is wonderfully realised and, when it’s at its strongest, still fresh sounding.

“Ronika will be around for some time it appears, her devotion to making and performing music seems inescapable and is irresistible. The UK dance scene – if such a thing still really exists – should welcome her with open arms.”

After All EP • Billie Ray Martin

Released July 14, 2014
Billie Ray Martin’s After All EP is one of her most vibrant and self-possessed for some time.

“It’s a little freaky and you can dance to it, which is a perfect combination, and Martin has never sounded better – she is a truly virtuoso performer.”

Life Is Easy • Bright Light Bright Light

Released July 4, 2014
Life Is Easy is a cathartic journey with themes of loss, empowerment and new beginnings, with an optimistic and cinematic feel.

Life Is Easy has a knowing optimistic wisdom coursing through its sonic blueprint. “

International • Lust For Youth

Released June 10, 2014
Lust For Youth’s third album, International, seizes the opportunity to open up the act’s world and future potential. Stealthy in texture, sleek in sound.

“Lust For Youth’s blend of dance pop, new wave and rock recalls the work of Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode or Alphaville, and resonate with some of these acts’ unashamedly pop moments. “

1000 Forms Of Fear • Sia

Released July 7, 2014
On 1000 Forms Of Fear, Sia shows that she has kept some of her best songs thus far very close to her own chest. Her loudest cry for self-recognition so far.

“When individual songs or the extremely strong middle section are played in isolation this is indeed some of the most warming but persistently dark and potent music that Sia has both written and performed.”

Ultraviolence • Lana Del Rey

Released June 13, 2014
Ultraviolence is the sound of an artist being freed to fulfil her own creative desires. The sound is very different from what came before and also very much the same.

“Ultraviolence has just about secured Lana Del Rey’s status as An Artist to be Taken Seriously, irritating to many maybe but difficult to deny or avoid .”

The Feast Of The Broken Heart • Hercules & Love Affair

Released May 26, 2014
The Feast of the Broken Heart is Hercules and Love Affair’s most optimistic, euphoric and consistently engaging album to date.

“A record to dance to, from start to finish a non-stop movement and joy which is never dumb or repetitive. The Feast of the Broken Heart is a celebration of dance floor families, love and survival.”

Changing Light • Mirah

Released May 13, 2014
Changing Light continues to showcase Mirah’s supreme knack for writing songs that charm and bewitch, with glorious melodies.

“It’s unexpected, not cynical in the slightest and conveys Mirah’s constant refusal to be pigeonholed into one, tidy category. She is making music now that is put together with staggering precision and beauty.”

Do It Again • Röyksopp & Robyn

Released May 23, 2014
This exciting collaboration between Röyksopp & Robyn features five songs from very diverse spheres of electronic dance music.

“The songs on Do It Again have no agenda other than to be the most satisfyingly, forward-thinking songs they could possibly create together.”

Unrepentant Geraldines • Tori Amos

Released May 12, 2014
Unrepentant Geraldines sees Tori Amos return to the realm of pop. It is a rich mix of songs that are about being true to yourself, wherever that may take you.

“The musical palette she plays with is also as various as her subjects. From Americana, electronic music and her signature stripped piano-and-voice aesthetic, the record trips on many musical styles and represents her as an artist today, as well as her canon of work”