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A.K.A. Same-Sex Marriage Decision

July 24, 2013

County Council’s Knee Jerk Reaction | David Shenton |

Ciara • Ciara

Released July 5, 2013
On her fifth album, Ciara has never sounded so self-assured, and she recalls the golden days of R ‘n’ B.

“R ‘n’ B in 2013 is still a confused genre but Ciara has remained a constant for almost a decade now, the overall strength of Ciara combined with the oh so necessary go-hard marketing could see her propelled her back into the limelight.”

Street Punk • Hunx And His Punx

Released June 10, 2013
The second Hunx And His Punx album is quite a surprise: a dirty, distorted departure from their first.

Street Punk ups the aggression and distortion, while the influence of early rock ‘n’ roll is still evident on this album; it’s buried underneath a wall of primitive punk venom.”

Pictures From The Sky • Stokeley

Released August 2, 2013
Pictures From The Sky is one of the most promising new dance EPs of the year.

“Bringing up the tempo, and driving towards us with dance synths, distorted guitars and pounding drums, it washes over me like James Lavelle getting in to bed with Pink Floyd, which can never be a bad thing.”

Drag Terrorist, Christeene • An Interview

Express Yourself.

Drag Terrorist Christeene talks about how we should all stop trying to be pretty for other people and really learn to express ourselves.

“She just wants to wake you up, loosen you up, and help you to have a reeeeall good time y’all. Who are you to say no?”

Done In A Different Font

July 24, 2013

In a different font, the ‘royal baby’ is christened. Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.

A Little Gay History

A History of Same-Sex Desire.

Curator R.B. Parkinson talks about A Little Gay History and how a heritage of same-sex stories is an integral part of the British Museum.

“When we created the web trail we used the term ‘same-sex desire’. When you’re talking about Ancient Egypt to say ‘gay’ or ‘queer’ is entirely meaningless. Same-sex desire avoids the issues with terminology. It’s neutral and not anachronistic.”

Silent Universe EP • Graingerboy

Released June 10, 2013
Graingerboy’s Silent Universe EP shows an innovative, layered and circumspect approach to electronic music.

“Graingerboy’s innovative, layered and circumspect approach is breathing welcome fresh air into the vast lungs of the electronic genre.”

Goodbye To All That • Cold Blood Club

Released July 2, 2013
The new single from Cold Blood Club is a change of direction but one that had lost the band some of its edge.

“Previously their sound was predominately electronic of the grimier indie variety but with a few live instruments thrown in for good measure. ‘Goodbye To All That’ plays down the synths and turns up the jangly guitar.”

The Men’s Pond

July 17, 2013

Things are getting hot down by the ponds. Polari Safari cartoon by David Shenton.