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From the Fringes of the Milky Way

An interview with Tori Amos about Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

Polari Magazine talks to Tori Amos about the idea of sin and self-worth, giving a record a good airbrush, and the funny things her daughter Natashya says to her.

When you’re first making records, you haven’t tasted the tip of the devil’s wand. But on your tenth album you’ve done more than taste it.

Extra material – Interview with Tori Amos

Extra material from an interview with Tori Amos about Abnormally Attracted to Sin.

Polari Magazine talks to Tori Amos about fun she has with the packaging that goes with her albums, and working with Doug Morris.

I am really proud of The Beekeeper packaging. Actually I think it’s stunning. I love that side of it.

Carved in Marble

Carved in Marble: An Interview with Gore Vidal.

Polari Magazine talks to the legendary author about his great character Myra Breckinridge, his 63 year writing career, and the turning point promised by the election of Obama.

My greatest achievement is that I’ve never killed anybody. Which reveals an awful lot of temptation. Because I have been visited.

Independent and Without Category

An interview with Nica Brooke

An interview with a new kind of star who is completely outside the world of the record industry.

I have my own studio, write, record, produce and engineer on my own, and so I don’t have any expenses unless I need a musician to play an instrument..

Step Into The Light

An interview with Darren Hayes.

An interview with Darren Hayes about the album This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, the DVD This Delicate Film We’ve Made, and the issue of gay rights.

I definitely come from a generation where my first sexual awareness was based in shame. It wasn’t like I put on my ruby slippers and headed off to the magical West End.

Strange if not Stranger than Fiction

An Interview with Clayton Littlewood.

The author of the blog that became the book Dirty White Boy talks about Soho, prostitution, and trans.

“I wasn’t really interested in celebrities, because you can pick up Heat magazine for that. I was interested in the characters, the local Soho-ites.”

How Bona to Vada Your Dolly Old Eek

An interview with Paul Baker, author of Fantabulosa: A Dictionary of Polari and Gay Slang.

Polari is a voice from another era, and is remembered best through the Round the Horne characters Julian and Sandy. Who better to explain the phenomenon than Paul Baker?

It’s important to remember the role Polari played in the lives of gay men and lesbians. It’s a testament to their creativity, humour and tenacity.