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Bryon FearBryon Fear

Bryon Fear is the designer & co-founder of Polari Magazine. He received a first class honours degree in Fine Art and the Performing Arts from the University of Leeds in 1994. The same year he founded the physical theatre company hysteric, with Sir Ian McKellen as its patron. He has written two plays, one of which was filmed by the BBC.

In 1996 Bryon began his tenure in the film industry culminating in ten years of experience in the production & casting departments and appeared in front of the camera alongside Johnny Depp in the Hughes Brothers adaption of Alan Moore’s Jack the Ripper graphic novel From Hell. As a Post Production Co-ordinator he managed five event mini-series for the television networks NBC, ABC and Channel 4 with budgets of up to £44 million.

In the last ten years he has returned to his first love, Art & Design. He is a painter, illustrator and photographer who has designed bespoke websites and created artwork for international film companies, pop stars, charities and London Theatres. For Polari he has created countless original illustrations and is the architect of its rich, classic design.

Bryon is an ardent traveller and has walked the Camino de Santiago which has been the greatest physical challenge (and one of the most fulfilling experiences) of his life. He is passionate about food, film and theatre, but it is music that inspires him the most. He believes that creativity feeds the soul; that to be creative, and to inspire creativity in others is one of the most important acts that we can engage in during our lifetime and he actively persues this goal with vigour and with pride.

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