Clementine the Living Fashion Doll • Glamour Correspondent

Clementine the Living Fashion DollClementine the Living Fashion Doll, Glamour Correspondent

Clementine is a fashion doll who, during her manufacturing process in a sinister toy factory, made a wish on a falling star to be a ‘real girl’. The falling star was really an American Communications Satellite burning up as it re-entered the atmosphere … but it must have contained a little magic! It crash-landed by the factory and its nuclear heart plopped into the vat of plastic, which brought Clementine to life.

Like many individuals with dysfunctional childhoods, Clementine made a beeline for the entertainment industry.

Clementine has appeared on stage and TV all over the world. She has starred twice in the London International Mime Festival, had two sell out shows at the Edinburgh Festival, (clocking up 207 performances) and had a regular guest slot on ITV1. She has starred in the Oslo Fashion Awards TV Special and was flown out to Singapore to perform at the prestigious new Esplanade Arts Centre. She has made two web series for the BBC – the first a monthly diary and the second, a 14 part review show of the hit entertainment programme Strictly Come Dancing.

Clementine can often be seen in comedy and cabaret venues across the UK and it is with great pride that Polari Magazine can say she has been a regular contributor since our very first issue!

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