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Nick Smith has been an active contributor to Polari Magazine since March, 2009. He has been an avid fan of film since his sister introduced him to Empire magazine at an early age. He is a trained linguist and during his studies developed a keen linguistic ear and began writing reviews of concerts and submitting them to official artist sites for consideration. The first review he wrote was for Björk live at the Cologne Opera House in 2001 and he was delighted when the official site accepted and published it.

Nick is a software developer at Bloomberg since 2008 and Polari Magazine provides him with the ideal outlet for creative writing about music and films, having written reviews on Madonna, Lana Del Rey and interviewed Katie Melua. His broad and eclectic taste in music and film enables him to draw in a wide range of references.

His favourite musicians are Tori Amos, Björk, Madonna, Sophie B. Hawkins, Moloko, Alicia Keys, Sia, Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy and Nerina Pallot. His favourite films are The Exorcist, Amélie, All About Eve, Halloween, The Fog and Fargo. He is a huge fan of John Carpenter and his films and compositions.

An item on his bucket list is to visit famous locations from some of his favourite films and he has visited the Point Reyes Lighthouse in Marin, California (from The Fog), Ayers Rock from A Cry In The Dark, the house in Georgetown used in The Exorcist as well as the infamous concrete steps and the “Café de Deux Moulins” in Montmartre where they filmed Amélie.

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